Giveaway: Wean Green Container Set

Today we are excited to have a large Wean Green container set with tons of different sizes and colors. These containers are great because they are built to last!

Wean Green Container Set Giveaway

Included in this giveaway:

one (1) Wean Green Container Set (Consisting of each size and a variety of colors!)

From Wean Green:

Why Wean Green?

  • Wean Green containers are extremely durable. They are made of tempered glass which is 5 times stronger than an average drinking glass
  • If the glass does break, it does not shatter therefore it is safe for any aged child
  • Wean Green is suitable for cold and hot sources including the freezer and microwave
  • Wean Green is dishwasher safe
  • Wean Green is created from 100% recyclable and sustainable glass
  • Wean Green is manufactured by Glasslock

Wean Green cares:

  • Wean Green is a proud member of 1% for the planet

Why was Wean Green created?

  • Melissa Gunning, founder of Wean Green launched the company in 2009 when she could not find a small sized eco-friendly glass storage option when she was making baby food for her young daughter.

Watch the You Tube video they put together that shows how strong these containers really are!

This giveaway is sponsored by Wean Green.

How to enter the Wean Green Container Set Giveaway

Fill in the entry form below:

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