Giveaway: Cura Coffee Company Organic Coffee

Did you know that nearly 70% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 per day and have limited or no access to dental care? The founder of Cura Coffee, Thomas Fitzpatrick, is a San Diego dentist who started the company to help those in Nicaragua with free dental care.  This is a man with a mission! Cura Coffee sources their beans from organic, direct-trade bean farmers. 

I always say that you vote with your dollar. If you’re a coffee lover, why not give Cura Coffee a try and make a difference in the lives (and smiles!) of Nicaraguans! 

Since 2008, they’ve treated almost 4,500 patiences and performed more than 7,700 dental procedures through Foundation for Worldwide Health. 

Cura sent 2 bags of coffee for me to try, medium and dark roast. My favorite is the Medium Roast Coffee, perfectly balanced. low acidity, just a great start to the morning. 

“Grown in the rich, volcanic soil of the Nicaraguan mountain terrain, our well-balanced, medium roast gets it right from the start of its rich aroma to its smooth, creamy finish. Its distinctive regional characteristics boast notes of toasted nuts and velvety mocha, which are accentuated by the precision of our roasting process. The clean, familiar flavors create an effortless drinkability that can only be found in a cup of Cura.”

Cura Coffee connects coffee lovers with farmers and families who harvest the finest organic coffee beans. With every cup of Cura, you join an effort to expand sustainable dental care to remote communities around the world. Cura Coffee is direct-trade coffee with direct impact, brought directly to you.


Cura Coffee Impact

Nearly 70% of Nicaraguans live on less than $2 per day and have limited or no access to dental care. Poor dental hygiene can contribute to a number of negative health conditions, most of which are completely preventable with proper care. Farmers in rural areas bear an unequal share of this burden. Nicaragua exports coffee beans from coffee cooperatives, such as Tierra Nueva located in the town of Boaco. Cura Coffee Co. buys premium coffee directly from the Tierra Nueva Cooperative at Fair-Trade prices, which in turn supports their economy and sustains dental care in this remote community. Together we can create hope and improve the quality of life for those in need of dental care.


The Coffee


From the rich boldness of the damp forest floors of Nicaragua, our dark roast boasts flavors of savory nut and deep cocoa. Its maturity, derived from the prolonged roasting process, creates a full-bodied structure and a velvety texture. This complex, yet refined brew makes for a silky smooth finish that you’ll not soon forget.


What this giveaway includes

  • 6 bags of Cura Coffee sent directly to you.

How to enter this giveaway

Just fill out the entry form below. It’s that simple, you probably could even do it before your first cup of coffee!

Please check out Cura Coffee’s website for more information on their mission, their impact and how drinking coffee can make a difference in the world.




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