Boxxle Review & Giveaway

boxxle review 3

Boxxle provided product for review and giveaway.

We love boxed wine. But we hate the packaging. Despite so many articles lauding the quality of some boxed wines, it’s still a little tacky to clunk down a big box of wine on your counter for guests or worse yet, gift a box of wine to a hostess.

That’s why we were so happy to get a Boxxle to review and give away! It’s a classier way to serve boxed wine at home.

boxxle review

The Boxxle is a cover and dispenser for boxed wine, about the size of a small coffeemaker. Just open the box of wine up, remove the bag, and insert it into the Boxxle for dispensing.

The unit sits on your counter top, and fills your glass of wine without having to balance the spigot and glass over the edge of the counter (we hated all the red wine drips on our floor!)

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