Magic Mount XL for Tablet/Phone

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Magic Mount XL Review

Scosche provided product for an honest review & giveaway.

Between Craftsy, ChefSteps, and of course, your favorite blogs (Steamy Kitchen!!!), people are using their tablets more and more in the kitchen, to refer to recipes, follow along via video, or just searching out, “how many tablespoons in a 1/4 cup?”

I prop up my iPad Mini by its case, and leave it on the counter, but find that I’m constantly bending down to read the small type. Very annoying.

magic mount xl reviewScosche has created the Magic Mount XL that uses powerful magnets (designed just for electronics) to prop up your tablet or phone to virtually any surface. They sent me a Magic Mount XL to try out.

The Magic Mount XL adheres safely to my kitchen tile using 3M adhesive, and the other side attaches to the back of my tablet or phone (the package comes with 1 large and 1 small). I used the small magnet to attach directly to the back of my iPad Mini. I used the larger magnet to attach to the OUTSIDE of my iPad Mini keyboard case (which is bulky and pretty heavy.)

I liked the Magic Mount in my kitchen, it was super convenient to have my device up and off my counter (I’ve splashed water on my poor iPad before.) But I ended up taking it off my kitchen backsplash and relocated it in my bathroom mirror. That’s when I really fell in love with Magic Mount.

In the morning, when I’m getting ready, I like to watch the news. With my iPad mounted on my mirror, I could watch at eye level. Plus, it’s up and away from splashing water. The magnets are powerful (but made for electronics, so it’s safe) and even with my heavy, bulky case, it holds up securely. Total weight is over 1 pound. I can take my iPad out of the case and use the small magnet. I like that each package comes with 1 large and 1 small magnet.

Another plus – the magnet is super-thin! If you place the magnet on the back of your device, your case will still fit on snugly.

What I didn’t care for: the Magic Mount XL that’s designed for tablets and surfaces only comes in black. It’s one of the reasons I took it off my kitchen – the black Magic Mount was an eyesore in my kitchen. While Scosche makes different color magnets (rose gold, silver, gray) to stick on your phone or tablet, the magnet that adheres to your wall is black. I don’t mind the black plate on my master bathroom mirror, and if you don’t mind either, I highly recommend the Magic Mount.

Scosche makes an entire Magic Mount family of products for your car window, dash, and desk – in addition to your wall/mirror.

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Magic Mount XL Giveaway

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