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click and grow review

We’re massive gardeners, back on our Florida homestead, we had several gardens: hydroponics, aquaponics, micro greens and also raised beds. The most “hands-off” gardening we had were the Earthboxes, which let us grow tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, zucchini, peas….well….anything….in a box that only required watering every few days.

Now that we’re in Las Vegas, living the city life, we don’t have our gardens anymore. We sure do miss the fresh herbs and vegetables, but I gotta tell ya, 5 acres was a lot to take care of every day! It’s a nice break to not have chores anymore, and spend time doing fun things.

Click & Grow allows you to grow herbs in your home, regardless of your gardening skills or lighting quality in the house. All you have to do is remember to water the plants periodically. Similar to the Earthbox, the Click & Grow system uses a wicking system to water the plants. That means there’s no risk of over or under watering – as long as there is water in the reservoir, the plants will suck up just the right amount of water it needs.

The soil is not ordinary plant soil, Click & Grow uses proprietary “Smart Soil” that releases the perfect amount of nutrients to the plant, exactly when they need it during growth phase. The system is GMO-free, no pesticides, herbicides or harmful chemicals. A companion app monitors the growth, watering, light and oxygen levels.

I gave the unit to my parents to test out. Within a week, little sprouts appeared. They’re excited to grow some basil to use in cooking.


What I like about the system:
-It’s pretty. Very sleek looking and looks good on the kitchen counter. Though, my parents chose to keep the unit in the sunroom to take advantage of the natural light in that room.
-Foolproof gardening, anyone can grow herbs.
-App is fun to use, monitor progress of your plants.

What could be improved:
-It’s expensive. Refill packs for the herbs are $50 for a 9 pack. Each plant will last 2-3 months, which means you need to replant several times a year.
-Starter kit came with 3 packs of basil. I would have preferred a variety of herbs in the starter pack.

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Click & Grow Giveaway

Click & Grow provided a unit for an honest review & another for a giveaway.


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