Chopped Champion Cleaver Review & Giveaway

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Chopped Champion Cleaver Review

The very first cooking show that I saw was Martin Yan’s Yan Can Cook on PBS. Martin was my idol! His mad chopping skills was entertainment, I loved how he smashed garlic with just one SMACK! of his Chinese cleaver.

The cleaver is an indispensable tool in the Chinese kitchen. You’ll find several of these in restaurant kitchens, because it’s so versatile. The straight edge of the blade means you can can paper-thin slices of vegetables (perfect for stir frying). The flat edge serves as a scraper to transport chopped ingredients from cutting board to wok. The hefty weight of the cleaver gives you power to chop through ANYTHING, even chicken bones. Of course, the side of the blade is also perfect for smushing garlic, a la Martin Yan.


This Chopped Champion Cleaver is also found in the kitchens of Chopped television show on the Food Network.

The cleaver’s 7″ blade is great for larger cutting – squash, melons, fish, chicken. I love it especially for carving chicken, Chinese style – which is different than the typical way we carve chicken! Chinese style of serving chicken is ON the bone, even the breast meat. Each piece is chopped to be chopstick friendly, 2-inch pieces, meat on bone.

Watch it in action:

chopped-cleaver-review-2Celebrity Chef Marc Murphy says, “I’m thrilled to have launched the Chopped collection exclusively on HSN. The entire collection is incredibly usable and of such high quality — I promise that viewers, fans of Chopped and home cooks will love every single item. With new pieces being released, there’s really a fantastic variety, so whether you’re looking for a gift or wanting to elevate your own home kitchen, you’ll find something in this collection.”

In addition to the Chopped Champion Cleaver, HSN features the rest of the collection, a 3-piece grater, a wok with lid and 2-piece cooking tool set.

What I like about the Chopped Champion Cleaver:

– It’s heavy-duty. Will last you a lifetime and a half.
– 7-inch blade is perfect size for home cooks.
– Heavy enough to chop through chicken bones, fish bones, carrots, squash.
– Slight curve to blade – to allow you to mince with a rocking motion.
– Full tang, good quality blade and handle.

Not crazy about:

– Heavy also means it’s tiring to use for long time.

Price is GREAT. HSN sells the Chopped Champion Cleaver for $24.95.

Chopped Champion Cleaver Giveaway

HSN provided unit for honest review & giveaway.


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