LobsterGram Review & $250 Giveaway

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This is a review of LobsterGram Maine Lobster Gift Baskets. The company sells lobster packages for every occasion, treat yourself to a LobsterGram dinner for Valentine’s Day! At end of review, enter for chance to win a Surf & Turf LobsterGram basket, valued at $130.

LobsterGram Review

Since we work out of the house, it’s not uncommon for the UPS or Fedex driver to come several times a week, mostly with Amazon boxes. It’s such a routine occurrence that the dogs don’t even get up to greet the drivers anymore, especially now that it’s winter and too cold to get up from their heated pad on the dog bed.

But this delivery was different.

I let out a big WHOOOP!!!!

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Oh boy, did the dogs pay attention! They would NOT leave the box’s side and just sat there waiting for me to open it up. “Is it treats for us? is it a new puppy?! A big bouncy ball?!”

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Unfortunately for them, and lucky ducky for me, it was a LobsterGram gift basket, with 2 Lobster Tails, 2 Filet Mignon, 2 New England Clam Chowders and 2 Chocolate Lava Cakes. Oh, and Oyster Crackers for the chowder and clarified butter for dipping!

It came wrapped beautifully in a reusable tin bucket.

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Please note that these are not my photos…by the time we prepared all the food, it looked so darn delicious that my husband and I couldn’t wait to dig in! No time for camera. Plus, we kinda went total cheeseball and lit candles for a romantic dinner.

Here’s what I love about LobsterGram:

  • Everything about receiving the package is JOYFUL! Even the delivery woman was all smiles and said, “So, what time should I come over for dinner!?”
  • Instructions for cooking is clear, concise (and easy!)
  • Portions are generous – the lobster tails are 5 ounces each, the filet mignon are 6 ounces each, and enough chowder for lunch the next day.
  • Shipping cost is fair – around $20 for a gift basket (remember, that includes the box, styrofoam, dry ice, and ground shipping).

Looking for a Valentine’s Day Surprise?

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For Valentine’s Day, get 20% off one of these packages and a free dessert.

LobsterGram Giveaway

Giving away $250 LobsterGram gift certificate.







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