Ronco Pasta & Sausage Maker Giveaway

*This isn’t a review….just a fun giveaway! The nice folks at Ronco is giving us a unit to give away. -Jaden

Ronco has more than forty years of experience creating innovative, cutting-edge kitchen devices like pasta makers, countertop rotisserie ovens, food dehydrators, chopping gadgets and others that reduce the amount of time spent in the kitchen so that families can share a healthy, delicious meal together.

Fresh Pasta In Your Kitchen

The Ronco PM1305WHGEN makes delicious fresh, gourmet pasta in your own kitchen. Choose your ingredients and the Ronco Pasta Maker does the work for you, extruding fresh pasta in less time than it takes to boil water. In addition, the sausage extruder allows you to make your very own sausage at home.

Choose your Ingredients

The Ronco PM1305WHGEN works with gluten-free and whole wheat flours, too – There’s no need to stick to plain white flour; you can also use your Ronco to make pasta with other types of flour, including whole grain wheat and gluten-free flours. To wow your family and guests, create colored pasta using natural colorings (such as spinach juice, beet juice, turmeric powder, squid ink, carrot juice, etc).

Versatile Attachments

The Ronco PM1305WHGE comes with attachments so you can make Spaghetti, Fettuccine, Rigatoni, Lasagna and Linguine and Asian Noodles. It produces thin or thick round noodles, thin or thick flat noodles, and tube-shaped noodles. It makes pasta that is a uniform shape and thickness. You just cut the noodles as they are pushed out of the die in order to make noodles as long or as short as you want.

Easy to Use

The Pasta Maker takes care of the laborious task of kneading dough for you. The Pasta Maker is transparent so you can see when the pasta is finished kneading. The device has a safety switch. This is located inside the motor unit and is activated by a pin on the mixing container lid. The device can only be switch on using the On/Off switch if the mixing container lid is placed on correctly and the pin activates the safety switch.

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Ronco Pasta & Sausage Maker Giveaway



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