Slumbr Review & Giveaway

This is a Slumber review – the company that helps you get the most comfortable sleep, based on your personal sleep preferences. I’ve been sleeping with Slumbr for over a month now. Review includes both PROs and CONs. – jaden

Slumbr Review

We moved to Nevada with a clean sleep slate. During our planning and packing, we decided to treat ourselves to brand new bed sets, mattresses and pillows, for the entire family (even the dogs!)

Slumbr Review

Buying a mattress ended up being the easiest – we opted for the Casper mattress, after hearing rave reviews from our friends and a 100 day free trial (with free returns if we didn’t love it). A few clicks, a credit card number and then <ding dong> the mattress arrived, stuffed in a box a few days later.

Choosing the perfect pillow turned out to be much more difficult. I have back and neck pain, from slight scoliosis, car accidents, playing tennis, and probably not doing enough stretching or yoga. We tried pillows from Macy’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and even bought a pillow made of heavy, floppy, plastic — which I do NOT recommend.

Slumbr Review

Last month, we gave Slumbr a try. It’s the first company I’ve seen to personalize pillow selection, based on your sleep preferences. The first step is to take their online quiz. It takes just a few seconds.

They even ask you who you sleep with! I start off sleeping with Scott….but sometime between 2am and 3am, one of our dogs will sneak up on our bed, snuggle up against me, and then turn SIDEWAYS, hogging up more than his share of the bed.

Slumbr Review

My pillow quiz recommended the Lyra and Ara pillows.

The Lyra pillow is a breathable foam that gives “springy, firm support.” The Ara pillow is actually a smaller pillow, filled with buckwheat hulls.

Both pillows arrived a few days later, in reusable cotton bags.

Shipping is a flat $5, and you get 30 nights with your pillows to see if it’s perfect for you.

After over 30 days, I fell in love with BOTH pillows. The Ara buckwheat pillow is perfect for sleeping on my back, and when I need that extra support on my neck. You can move the buckwheat hulls around, and shape it to fit your head and neck perfectly.

The foam Lyra pillow is my choice for side sleeping. I have both pillows on my bed and can switch between them as I need.


  • The pillow quiz! Take it to see what kind of pillow is best for you.
  • Arrived fast, only $5 shipping.
  • 30 day trial, free returns.
  • Lyra pillow is great quality. It doesn’t feel like a “foam” pillow at all. The pillow is breathable, and “springy” is the right word to describe the pillow. Great quality.


  • The pillows are a little pricey, they start at $60. But hey, if that means you find the PERFECT pillow, great sleep is priceless.

  • The Ara buckwheat pillow needs a better cover. The buckwheat hulls are loose in the pillow (they are supposed to be) and removable so that you can air them and wash them. If the hulls happen to get loose because the zipper moved, then you can expect a mess. I’d recommend that Slumbr provides a cover that has a flap to protect the zipper completely (or at least a tab to cover the zipper pull.)….and a thicker cotton cover (the hulls, over time, will produce a very fine powder that collects on outside of the cover. I ended up triple-covering the pillow with other pillow covers.

HOWEVER….despite the CONs, I would never, ever, give up my Ara pillow. It’s a high maintenance pillow but my sleep is amazing. I wake up with zero pain, no soreness and very well rested. The pillows made all the difference.

Slumbr Giveaway

We are giving away a pillow of your choice!!! The winner can go through the Slumbr Pillow Quiz, and we’ll send them the perfect pillow.


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