SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven Giveaway

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This is a review of the SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven (model SMC1442CS Sharp 1,000W, Stainless Steel), including both PROs and CONs. – jaden

SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven Review

When we saw that this microwave was “Orville Redenbacher certified” I was pretty skeptical – would people buy a microwave just because it makes better popcorn?

But then my son reminded me that we make microwaved popcorn at least 3 times a week. A big bowl of popcorn is my companion during Game of Thrones on Sundays, and another bowl or two is made by the kids for afternoon snacks each week.

As I was researching the SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven, there was one thing that I had in mind. If it can make better popcorn, something that can go from perfect to inedible burnt within seconds, it must be able to re-warm leftovers and steam broccoli with just as much precision.

The microwave includes a glass turntable. It’s a good size, big enough for dinner plates and serving platters.

Lots of one touch cook functions, but honestly, the only ones I ever use are Popcorn and +30 seconds.

Okay, so we are going to do a side by side comparison of popcorn: the Sharp microwave and my Panasonic microwave.


Have you ever sat and watched popcorn pop? I swear it takes longer, like watching water boil.

The SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven finished 14 seconds faster.

The SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven:

My Panasonic microwave:

Big difference! The Sharp microwave produced popcorn that was perfectly cooked, with only 2 unpopped kernals. The Panasonic microwave had 6 unpopped kernals AND burnt popcorn!

Winner: SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven!

The microwave found a new home at my brother’s new house. I was right – if the microwave performed so well with popcorn, it would re-heat leftovers evenly.

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SHARP Orville Redenbacher Microwave Oven Giveaway


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