What is a Buddha Bowl Recipe?

We help home cooks fall in love with their leftovers with Buddha Bowl recipes so that they can stop wasting uneaten leftovers and unused groceries.

What is a Buddha Bowl?

Buddha Bowl recipes help home cooks reinvent their boring leftovers with a simple formula to build a meal. A Buddha Bowl is simply a one-bowl meal:

Lots of Veggies
Lean Protein
Yummy Sauce (3 minute shake in a mason jar)
Fun Crunchy Topping

We want you to use up all the veggies in the drawer, last night’s leftover grilled shrimp and rice. The key to creating bold, exciting, new flavors is in the YUMMY SAUCE and the FUN CRUNCHY TOPPING.

Why We Love Buddha Bowl Recipes

Did you know that The Natural Resources Defense Council estimates

that 25% of the food bought in American households gets thrown away.

For a family of four, that wasted food costs an average of $1800, or $150 per month. (source)

Can you imagine just throwing away $150 per month in the garbage or down the garbage disposal?

The biggest loss comes from food spoilage of fruits and vegetables. The next biggest loss is caused by people cooking or serving too much, causing waste in uneaten leftovers.

We help you use up your leftovers and all the bits of fruits and veggies in the drawer with Buddha Bowl recipes.

The best part? With just the a flavor-packed sauce and a unexpected fun crunch, you can completely transform your leftovers into a brand new flavor and experience.


and Transform into:

How do I use leftovers to make Buddha Bowls?

A Buddha Bowl recipe is so simple and flexible. Basically, you can use any ingredients you want to build your bowl. What makes the meal really POP is in a yummy sauce and a crunchy topping.

or how about using up extra shrimp and rice?

What’s the secret sauce?

Well….exactly! It’s the SAUCE that makes the difference. Okay, SAUCE and CRUNCHY TOPPING.

Our Buddha Bowl sauce recipes only take minutes to make. Most of them shake up in a mason jar in less than 3 minutes.

Here are some examples:

Spicy Mayo formula

Fun, Crunchy Toppings

Here are just some fun, crunchy Buddha Bowl Topping ideas:

bowl to

Try out some of these Buddha Bowl recipe ideas here.