Hammer Stahl Slow Cooker Review & Giveaway

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We’ve been testing the Hammer Stahl Slow Cooker for the past 3 weeks. This is our detailed review, including both PROs and CONs of the product.

Hammer Stahl Slow Cooker Review

Hammer Stahl is one of the oldest cookware companies in the North America, founded in 1874 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

In the 1970’s, they began manufacturing their famous Hammer Stahl American Clad Cookware factory in Clarksville, Tennessee. Their team of American workers hand-crafts the 7-ply surgical steel cookware and German-steeled knives.

This was our first time cooking with the Hammer Stahl cookware, though I’ve briefly tried out their handsome kitchen knives at a friend’s house. We tested the 5-Quart Stockpot with Cover and the Slow Cooker Base.

PRO: Made in USA

American Clad Cookware

Hammer Stahl Cookware is multi-clad, meaning many different layers of metal are “cladded” together to produce the highest quality, most energy efficient and durable cookware you can find. There are 7 different layers, including surgical stainless steel.

The seven different layers are:

  1. 304 Surgical Stainless Steel
  2. 1145 Pure Aluminum
  3. 3004 Aluminum
  4. 1145 Pure Aluminum
  5. 304 Surgical Stainless Steel
  6. Ferritic Steel
  7. 304 Surgical Stainless Steel

This results in cookware that  heats evenly, retains heat, resists scratches and does not leach metals into your food.

PRO: The 7-layers of metal is used throughout the cookware, not just the base. In cheaper cookware, you might find thinner sides and a thicker, heavier bottom. That’s because their “multi-clad” layer is only on the bottom.

Separate Slow Cooker Base

When we first got the Hammer Stahl Slow Cooker set, I questioned whether or not a separate heating base would work well to evenly cook food in the stockpot. Most slow cookers insulate the pot from base to top to trap heat and promote more even cooking.

PRO: But we were impressed. Because of the 7-layers of cladded metal throughout the stockpot, heat is transferred evenly (no hot spots) and heat retention is superior.

CON: The Slow Cooker Base is very lightweight, with plastic handles, knobs and base. If I had a gripe about the base, it would be design-wise, it doesn’t seem to match the cookware or the high-end HS brand very well.

PRO: However, the base is so versatile. You can use it for slow cooking with any pot that fits the 8 1/2″ bottom, or bring it to the table to keep your dish hot, using the lowest heat setting.

We’ve used the base and one of our smaller pots for cheese fondue at the table. The lowest setting kept the cheese piping hot, without burning, scorching or boiling.

The same base can be used with the Hammer Stahl 2.5-Quart, 4-Quart or 5-Quart Cookware.

Hammer Stahl Stockpot

I love this pot! The 5-quart stockpot is a great size for soups, stews and roasts.

PRO: Big handles means that my clumsy, oven-mitted hands can get a good grip on the pot.

Multi-Use Pot

One of the greatest features of having a separate slow cooker base that can be used with the Hammer Stahl Cookware is that the beautiful pot can be used on the stove, with the base, and is pretty enough for the table.

The cookware can be used on gas, electric or induction cooktops. One of the cladded layers is a Ferretic Steel, which makes the cookware magnetic. This is a more expensive, but a higher quality way to create induction-ready cookware. Other competitors will bind a “magnetic stainless steel” which is cheaper and more corrosive.

Many slow-cooker recipes will call for browning meats and vegetables prior to slow cooking. With the Hammer Stahl Slow Cooker, only one pot is needed. Here, we’re making Oxtail Stew by browning the oxtails first.

Then move the pot onto the Slow Cooker Base, add water, herbs and vegetables.

Right now, in the kitchen, I’m making an Asian Sweet Chili Sauce. The first step is to brown the garlic and shallots.

Then add the sweet peppers, fish sauce, tamarind paste and palm sugar.

Slow cook for an hour on the base.

PRO: Only one pot to clean.


Well, it’s pricey. The 5-Quart Stockpot with Slow Cooker Base is $429.00. Purchasing the base and pot together gives you a small discount. Considering the quality of the pot (this baby will last you several lifetimes), the versatility of the set and the fact that it’s made right here in the USA, this Hammer Stahl Slow Cooker set is worth every penny.

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