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How to Make Salt and Sugar Scrubs

With just 4 ingredients and 5 minutes, you can make your own salt scrub or sugar scrub. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make salt scrubs and sugar scrubs: The best base oil to use (it’s related to winemaking!) Why you should add liquid soap What to choose: salt or sugar? Best place to source the cute jars, spoons and oils …


For the New Year: Make a Memory Jar

This idea was so popular last year that I’m reposting it again! Happy New Year everyone! ~Jaden I always say that time goes by too fast. Every. single. year. Other than this blog, I don’t keep a family journal (lazy at writing with a pen and too shy to spill all our personal family stuff on Steamy Kitchen), so every …


Why I don’t make animal crafts anymore

If you’ve ever met me in person, there’s a 99.5% chance that either I’ve a knitting project in my bag — or — I’m knitting AND talking at the same time. My hands are nonstop (my husband says better my hands than my jabber mouth) – either knitting, crocheting, hand-embroidery, typing, photographing, cooking or eating. But mostly knitting – because …


Silhouette Cameo 40% Discount

*I received a Silhouette Cameo for review, but I had actually purchased and paid full price for a machine back in July! Someone is getting a really nice Christmas present next month 🙂 This summer, I bought myself a new toy – the Silhouette Cameo, a crafty cutting machine for creating delicate design cut-outs from paper and fabric! It was …


Manly men knit, right?!

Earlier this week, I had mentioned in my email newsletter that Nathan was embarrassed to let his friends know that he knits. Well, I got so many email responses from wonderful, supportive readers that I thought it would be great to post this on Steamy Kitchen and let Nathan read all the responses. Last Thursday, we had a neurological check …


Crocheted Apple Cozy

Wait. Before you make a judgement…I actually do have a legit excuse for crocheting a sweater for the apples. My kids bring a snack in their backpacks everyday, the same backpack that gets thrown, kicked, stuffed under bus seats, violently slung over the hook and hackysacked around. Yes, I could pack their fruit in a titanium lunchbox, but crocheting an …


Box Crafts

Don’t throw away those shipping boxes! Come see the genius ideas to make them into toys for your kids over at my blog at Discovery Health.


Easy Knit Scarfette With Flower Pattern

I started knitting when I was 8 months pregnant with Andrew, my belly was so big that there wasn’t much I could do comfortably other than lounge on the couch watching television and short craft projects that didn’t involve noxious glue. The belly made a perfect “table” for knitting and propping of the elbows for good ergonomics. As you know, …