Giveaway: Kenmore Elite Food Processor

Kenmore Elite Food Processor Sweepstakes

Kenmore Elite 14 cup Food Processor (value $159.99)

Meals made easy! 800-watt motor and multi-purpose blade allows you to quickly and expertly slice, shred and chop even the most labor-intensive ingredients. Crisp salads, quick salsas, fresh bread and more, made easy.

  • Capture all the flavor-Designed with a generous sized food chute and ergonomic food pusher for easy processing of whole fruits and vegetables. Minimizes pre-chopping
  • Entertain with ease-Two processing bowls-4 cup and 14 cup -allow you to interchange while preparing dishes. Easily create an array of dips and dishes for effortless, impressive entertaining
  • Splatter-free lid-The advanced lid locking system means less splatter


  1. But if making large batches of tomato sauce or pesto for freezing, the 9 and 11 cup model might fit that job better. Mini processors in the 2 and 3 cup range work great for mincing ginger or garlic and other small food items.

    Coffee grinders

  2. N/A

  3. great present for my daughter

  4. would love to win this

  5. I don’t have a food processor, so this would be really nice to win. Thanks for having the contest!

  6. I need this kenmore elite food processor.

  7. Awesome giveways, thanks so much

  8. This giveaway couldn’t have come at a better time for me! Got my fingers crossed (toes, too!).

  9. I’d love to win this! My old cup processor has a crack in the lid and sometimes food flies out…makes for a messy kitchen. 🙁

  10. This is a great giveaway. Could really use a food processor to cut down on food prep time!

  11. I am new to this

  12. i.n new to this

  13. I’ve been wanting this for a year! I would love to win!!!

  14. Yay! Looks like fun…I wanna win!

  15. This looks great something I can really use

  16. need it

  17. Would love this

  18. I don’t have a food processor and this one looks top of the line! Count me in! Thanks!

  19. Soooo cool!

  20. need a new one!!!

  21. I love your site and your giveaways! Thanks so much!

  22. Mine is at least 30 years old. I need a new one. Thanks for the chance.

  23. Thank you for the contest this would be great to win

  24. thanks for a chance to win

  25. Thanks. good luck all.

  26. My hubby would love this when he cooks!

  27. I do a lot of “canning” making salsa, etc, One of these Kenmore Food Processors would be great and time savings as the one I have only holds about 2 – 3 cups!

  28. This is so nice. I’d be happy to win

  29. Love, Love, Love this Kenmore food processor, it wants to come to my house.

  30. love it

  31. I sure could use it.

  32. Would love this!

  33. would love to win this!

  34. Thanks, btw, I made your perfect loaf of french bread in 3 hours and indeed it was! Turned out great.

  35. I use a food processor so much. Mine is falling apart. I think I use the food processor the most, of all my other kitchen appliances.

  36. My old food processor has died so I really could use this new one.

  37. This is a terrific and useful prize…could really do with it.

  38. I would love this so I could make some delish meals at school. I am a college student who loves to cook and need some appliances to cook some great food!


  39. Great giveaways

  40. I have always wanted a food processor!

  41. Awesome! If I win, I’ll eat a bug!

  42. would love to win this processor

  43. I need to replace my old food processor and this would make a good replacemet.

  44. would love to win the processor. Kenmore good product

  45. What a great place you have created here. Spending the afternoon reading posts and entering contests. Im adding you to my feed!

  46. Certainly could use this Kenmore Elite food processor….a man needs all the help he can get in the kitchen! This processor would certainly speed up prep time in cooking.

  47. I would love this.

  48. Oh the wonderful things I could make with this Kenmore Elite food processor. :o)

  49. I would love to win this.
    Thanks for the chance.

  50. I would love this.

  51. This would be great!

  52. wow thanks for the chance

  53. I need a new food processor, and this Kenmore Elite Food Processor is just what I need.

  54. I have never had one of these and would love it! thanks for the chance to win one!

  55. I always wanted one of these!

  56. I am trying to cook healthier using more vegetables and fruits and this would make that task so much easier.

  57. I love things for the kitchen. I could use these wonderful prizes! 🙂

  58. I’m waiting

  59. This would really help me make dinners faster so I can concentrate on my charity work!!!

  60. Would love to have one of these!

  61. I’ve never owned one, sure would love to have one to save time

  62. I would much more efficient with a food processor and happier!

  63. Seriously, this would make my life sooo much easier!

  64. mama needs a new food processor

  65. I need to update.

  66. Couldn’t think of a nicer prize to win. Hope I can.

  67. I would love this! It would make life so much easier.

  68. Would be great to have one of these for sure!

  69. All of these are great prizes!!!!

  70. My food processer is still in California and I live in Texas.

  71. Heh. The only food processor I have right now, it a potato masher. I need to upgrade a little bit.

  72. would love one of these!

  73. Wanted one for a long time!

  74. My kitchen awaits thee:-)

  75. a great prize would love to use it

  76. a great prize

  77. love me a food processer

  78. Love Kenmore poducts.

  79. GREAT prize!!!!!! Might motivate me to get cracking in the kitchen more!!!

  80. awsome contest, hope i win something that would really be nice

  81. Would love this, my dauhter and I will share.

  82. love it

  83. I would love it
    Have one that is 20 yrs old , time to replace

  84. Nice prize

  85. Looks powerful. I would love to own a new one since my old food processor is not good anymore.

  86. love to have a new one

  87. What a sweet give-away!

  88. Great Giveaway. I love cooking.

  89. You have such great give aways !

  90. want to win!

  91. O.K. I could really use this!

  92. 14 cups!

  93. Wow! Awesome processor!

  94. Great giveaway!!!!!!!!

  95. This would make cooking a whole lot easier.

  96. If I won, I would give this to my daughter, she would LOVE to have one.

  97. Sweet. This would be great!

  98. Mikey likes it!

  99. who wouldn’t want one


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