Giveaway: $100 Initials Inc. Gift Card

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Today we are giving away a $100 Initials Inc. gift card. You have got to take a look at their simply social collection. Simply gorgeous!

$100 Initials Inc. Gift Card Giveaway

Included in the giveaway:

one $100 Initials Inc. Gift Card

From Initials Inc.:

Initials, Inc. is a national home party plan company that specializes in all things personalized…and personalization is FREE!

Initials, Inc. recognizes that each of us was created for a God given purpose. Unique and special in our own

way, this company works to celebrate that by offering customer created products that are as extraordinary as the individual who designed them.

Believing their core company message “There’s only one you”, Initials, Inc. works to infuse this belief in everything they do from the products they offer, the business opportunity for women and even down tothe little things like how they approach customer service.

The desire to offer MORE; to their customers, their hostesses and their consultants, drives this company to offer exceptional quality, tremendous rewards and an opportunity that exceeds expectations. New consultants starting with Initials, Inc. on average earns $35 and hour.

Seeing incredible growth in tough economic times, this is a company to watch. To learn more about Initials, Inc., visit them online at Check out the online catalog, view images in the gallery, current Hostess and Customer Shopportunities or contact them to learn more.

Giveaway sponsored by Initials Inc.

$100 Initials Inc. Gift Card Giveaway

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