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  1. I prechop or premeasure all of my ingredients, sometimes the day ahead so that a more complex recipe does not seem as daunting especially the first time I make it. This keeps me motivated to try new things and new recipes more often.

  2. I can think about what healthy ingredients I should use daily before I decide what to cook and incorporate a more balanced meal

  3. I make it a priority to use up what I’ve got and use my leftovers. My intention is to have as little waste as possible.

  4. I start making my grocery list a couple of days before I shop so I’m sort of planning what I’ll cook that week, trying not to let things die in the fridge. Thanks.

  5. I write my cooking plans in my planner for the day I intend to cook it. Then I do my grocery list according to that specific plan. I waste less food. I can look back to see the day i made it, so I know how long I can keep it. There is a lot less waste.


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