Giveaway: TrackR by phone halo

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Never Lose Your Keys, Remote, or Phone Again with StickR TrackR

If you are like us, we are constantly searching for the remote control to our TV or our car keys. With the new StickR TrackR, your life just got a whole lot easier! The device is a sticker the size of 3 quarters stacked on each other that you can attach to your remote control, your phone, your pet’s collar, your keys or just about anything. You can’t find it? Pull out the application on your smart device and it tells you where it is. Totally cool!


How Does It Work?

The wireless coin-sized StickR TrackR device attaches to commonly misplaced items. Using the iPhone or Android TrackR app, the user can quickly locate their lost or misplaced items in seconds by causing the item to ring, using the app’s hot & cold indicator, or via our Crowd GPS Technology. Watch the Video Below to Learn More.

Included in this Giveaway

  • A set of 5 StickR TrackR’s by phone halo

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