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Summertime means cherry time! Whole Foods Market is celebrating the highest quality, plump and sweet cherries available.


Cherries are a great addition to sweeten up any summer meal from breakfast to dinner. Check out these great tips and ideas for your cherries:

  • Pick ‘em. Pick your cherries with green stems without brown patches or bruising. Cherries should be plump and firm and not wrinkled or shrunken.
  • Pit ‘em. Hack it old school and use a glass bottle with an opening smaller than the cherry and a chopstick. Simply place the cherry stem side down in the class bottle and punch the chopstick through the middle. Learn more ways here.
  • Bake ‘em. There is nothing like a pie with peak-of-the-season cherries. Try making scones or cake as well!
  • Freeze ‘em. To freeze cherries, remove pits and stems, and then spread in a single layer on a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet. Once they are frozen solid, transfer to a freezer-safe storage container. Perfect for smoothies!
  • Preserve ‘em. Cherries can last up to a week after purchase; make some jam after that!
  • Dry em’. To dry cherries, remove pits and stems, and then spread on a parchment-paper-lined baking sheet, or on an oiled rack fitted into a rimmed baking sheet. Bake in 200°F oven for several hours (possibly 6-8), until cherries are dried and wrinkly. This makes an easy lunchbox snack or granola addition.


Try making some of these recipes too!

Cherry Syrup

cherry syrup

Cherry Breakfast Quinoa

cherry quinoa

Grilled Salmon with Cherry Couscous

cherry couscous

Tiny Cherry Pies

cherry pies

Chocolate Chip Cherry Ice Cream Floats

(fun for kids too!)
cherry floats

Fresh Cherry Limeade

cherry limeade


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  • $100 Whole Foods gift card


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