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With all the iPhones, tablets and other things that require charging around our house it’s finally nice to find a solution that allows different devices to charge in one spot. For Jaden’s iPhone we are using a iQi Mobile charging card that slips easily between the back of your iPhone and your favorite case. Then all she needs to do is set the phone on the KoolPuck Qi charging base and the phone charges without using wires. Super Cool!



Qi-compatible, works with most devices including Google Nexus & Samsung phones (with receivers), iPhone (with receivers)

  • Unique Low Temperature Charging Technology.
  • Only 69.5mm diameter which is less than 2.3x the size of a 50-cent coin and only 11.5mm thick.
  • Works with any Qi-enabled device through an adapter or an embedded chip.
  • Charging distance of 8mm supports charging with most non-metallic phone cases on the market.
  • Power Source: Any charger with USB port/micro USB cable, plugs directly into computer or TV.
  • Plug USB into any powered USB on TV, desktop or laptop to remove clutter.
  • Freedom of placement: No annoying magnets to align or secret spots to find in order to charge your device.
  • For the iPhone (5 and higher), Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, Note 2 & 3 you will need to buy a QI wireless receiver from the store.

Included in this giveaway

  • iQi iPhone QI wireless receiver from iPhone 5 and higher.
  • KoolPuck Wireless Charger (White)

How to Enter

Fill out the entry form below. Good Luck!



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