Giveaway: Drawer Decor

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One of my pet peeves is our kitchen drawers. Though I should say “was” our kitchen drawers. Everything was all jumbled, mish-mashed in together and it was such a mess! Every day, it was like a scavenger hunt, trying to find THAT spatula.

Drawer Decor by KMN Home has the solution. Their colorful drawer organizer system prevents tools from sliding around in the drawer. Plus, it’s washable and customizable with re-stickable rubber tabs!

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We currently have Drawer Decor installed in our knife drawer so that the the knives don’t slide around. It also gave us an opportunity to clean out our drawers, getting rid of any gadgets that we weren’t using or single-use tools that we only used once a year. Take control over your kitchen drawers and tame your tools!

Drawer Decor Giveaway

We’re giving away (3) sets of Drawer Decor!