Giveaway: GIR Spatula, Spoon, Flip and Scraper

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One of my favorite products of all time is GIR, which stands for Get It Right.

They sure got silicone tools right! We used to own nearly the entire rainbow of GIR spatulas. But every time I invite guests over…I find their favorite color spatula missing from my drawer. haha!

GIR is:


They’ve just come out with some brand new products – this giveaway is for one of each:

(1) GIR Ultimate Pro Flip

This is the big daddy! We love this Pro Flip for big jobs in our frying pan and saute pan. Even cookies, too.



(1) of each: GIR Mini, Skinny, Ultimate and Pro Size Spatulas

I’m going to start hiding my GIR Spatulas. The right size for the right job. They’ll even let you pick the colors that you want if you win!


(1) GIR Spoon

We call this our “Mama Spoon” and use it for scooping pasta, beans, sauce.

(1) GIR Scraper

Scrape the pan! We use a scraper to get the last bits from our pans, baking sheets. The GIR Scraper expertly navigates those edges and corners.


Enter GIR Giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by GIR.

For good giveaway karma, go say hello to GIR peeps! They’re a small team based in New York.

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