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black canyon cutting board review

This review and giveaway is provided by Black Canyon Woodworks. We received a customized cutting board for an honest review. No monetary compensation was provided. ~Jaden

Black Canyon Personalized Cutting Board Review

We own a good dozen of cutting boards – each a different size and shape and made of different types of materials. Our go-to board that is always out on our counter has been a sturdy walnut end-grain board that we had made years ago. But without a trough to catch juices or drippings, we only used it for chopping vegetables.

Black Canyon Woodworks from Bend, Oregon, sent me a gift certificate to use on their site, and I immediately chose the large platter-style cutting board with a deep trough, perfect for carving chicken, turkey, prime rib or anything juicy for that matter.

I loved customizing my perfect cutting board – you can choose from 1 of three styles:

Board Style

Then choose from your desired material. I’ve always been partial to dark, chocolatey walnut.

Board Material2

You can also engrave and personalize it with your name engraved or even a logo:

Cherry Packaged Cutting Board

Each cutting board is hand crafted and packaged with an oil that’s specifically designed to take care of your cutting board, so that it will last for years to come.

The platter shape is my favorite – I love the handles to help with easier transport of food. The other side of the cutting board is flat (no trough) and is perfect for your everyday chopping. The thickness is 1.25″ – which is perfect thickness for me. The standard 1″ thick is a little too thin – and warps too easily over time. This Black Canyon Platter style cutting board at 1.25″ feels so strong.

A few people asked about the Butcher style cutting board – the design of that board is “end grain” meaning small pieces of wood are joined together, with the end grain up. These end-grain boards are very sturdy and actually are better for your chef’s knives because of the “give” in the grain when you chop. They keep the knives sharper as well. The reason I’m not a fan of the very thick 2.5″ cutting board is because I’m short! That extra 1.25″ in height means I’m chopping at a weird angle. However, if you’re lucky enough to be taller than me (I’m barely 5 ft 2″) – I would highly recommend the Black Canyon Woodworks Butcher style personalized cutting board. Cons: It is heavy, more difficult to carry, and you only get 12″ x 12″ square.

Order a Black Canyon Cutting Personalized Board for your favorite cook.  ~ Jaden

About Black Canyon Woodworks

Black Canyon Woodworks

Black Canyon Woodworks is a company known for its
” Quality Craftsmanship, Designed to Last a Lifetime “

Our Vision:
At Black Canyon Woodworks, our artisans focus on creating hand crafted “heirloom quality functional art” that is designed for everyday use in your home. These special pieces include traditionally crafted and quality built furniture, or customized cutting boards, that are designed to last.

Black Canyon Woodworks is a local family-owned business. Our wood products are made where we work and play– in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Whenever possible, we use wood that is from northwest sources and do our best to provide a sustainably produced product.

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