Epicurean Cutting Boards Review & Giveaway


We spent a month enjoying the Epicurean brand of cutting and display boards. I’m very familiar with Epicurean boards, the cooking school that I used to teach at used Epicurean exclusively. They were really easy to care for – all the boards went into the dishwasher at the end of class. They were thin enough that we could stack all of the boards in the dishwasher at once.

Epicurean Cutting Board Review


The Epicurean cutting boards are made of Richlite, an eco-friendly, wood composite that’s non-porous, dishwasher safe, stain resistant and very strong.

Epicurean Cutting Board PROS:

  • Thin and lightweight – I can hold the board with one hand….actually even one finger because of the signature hole for hanging.
  • They stay pretty – even after so many times in dishwasher, hard use by cooking school students, the boards always stayed looking great.
  • Low maintenance – no need to oil the cutting board (I have to oil my wooden boards at least once a month)
  • Non porous – unlike my wooden cutting boards, the Epicurean boards are much safer to use and easier to keep bacteria-free.
  • Eco-friendly and made in USA from trees harvested under the guidelines of the North America Sustainable Forestry Standards

Epicurean Cutting Board CONS:

  • When I’m chopping or mincing with a chef’s knife, I like a little give in my boards, which is why I like using end-grain, walnut cutting boards for heavy chopping. The Epicurean boards don’t have that same type of give or feel. But I do like using the Epicurean boards for slicing fruits and cutting raw meats.
  • Must use something under cutting board – the tradeoff of lightweight and thin is that the board will move easily. I use a wet paper towel, thin towel or a piece of rubber drawer liner under the cutting board to keep it in place. They do have boards with non-slip feet, which is really nice.

Lots of shapes and patterns:

epicurean-cutting-board-review-2I love that Epicurean offers so many shapes, sizes, colors and textures. For hunters, the Big Game Series is super wide, the size of your truck tailgate!


My favorite use of the boards is for cheese, fruits and crackers. Because the boards stay so clean and pretty, you can use them as display boards. In fact, we used them last night for cheeses!

The state shapes are fun for cheeses.

For those who love the color black, they have boards in a gorgeous matte black.


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Epicurean Cutting Board Giveaway

Epicurean provided Walnut Display Boards for this review and giveaway. Enter to win a set of 3 Walnut Display Boards!


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