The best tongs sits up and off the counter

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best tongs site up clongs

My main weapon in the kitchen for cooking is tongs. I can stir, flip, push and grab. Since I use a combo of both stainless steel cookware and ceramic coated non-stick cookware, the tongs have to be silicone.

After years of testing and buying multiple brands, this one is my favorite.

The Dreamfarm Clongs.

best tongs site up clongs 2

Here’s why:

  • The lock mechanism is “click.” Push the end of the tongs against the counter or against anything and it clicks to unlock or lock. Many other tongs require 2-handed operation to lock or unlock. Most times, I’ll just push the end against my body to click.
  • The built-in stand means my counter stays clean.

best tongs site up clongs 3

  • It’s durable. Stainless steel arms. I’ve tried plenty of tons with cheap, thin and flimsy silicon ends that have melted or just cracked off after dishwashing. We’ve been using these tongs for over 3 years now. Still works just fine.
  • I use tongs to hold on to the grilled chicken to slice. Sometimes, when I’m not careful, the knife nicks the silicone as I’m slicing. This tong is the ONLY tong that has survived little nicks. The silicone is thick, hard, durable.

There are 2 sizes of the Clongs – I highly recommend the 12″ version. The 10″ Clongs are just a little too short.

Dreamfarm also makes a longer BBQ Clong – I’m not a big fan of this version, as there is no silicone tip and they just aren’t as comfortable and durable feeling as the kitchen Clongs.

However, Dreamfarm makes my very favorite garlic press, the Garject, with an auto-eject button!

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