Stok Gridiron Grill Review & Giveaway

Review of the STOK Gridiron Grill (portable propane grill with grilling inserts), including both PROs and CONs. At the end of review, don’t forget to enter to win the STOK Gridiron Grill giveaway!

STOK Gridiron Grill Review

The STOK Gridiron Portable Grill features 348 square inches of cooking space, and uses a small, 1-pound propane tank. This is the perfect grill for tailgating, picnics, and camping. Both our boys (and Scott) are in the Boy Scouts, and each month, they go camping somewhere in Nevada, Arizona, Utah or California. This is the perfect grill to bring along for the trip.

Gridiron Portability

PRO: When the legs are folded, the Gridiron size is 40” x 12.5” – which will fit in most trunks. The large wheels are sturdy, big enough to roll on grass and gravel.

PRO: Lid locks down, latch is secure.

CON: The grill is portable, but not “lightweight” at 57 pounds. If you’re planning on taking this grill to the beach (wheels won’t roll in sand), or need to hike long distance/rocky terrain for camping, it would be difficult to transport.

PRO: I love that the grill is full-height. No need for a picnic table to set the grill on….and no need to squat down to grill.

PRO: 348 square inches is quite a bit of cooking space. Big enough to grill 10 chicken breasts, 17 hamburger buns, or 30 hot dogs.

Grilling Grate & Inserts

PRO: The grate is porcelain coated cast iron – which makes it easy to clean and durable. Plus, cast iron gets hotter, retains heat and cooks efficiently.

PRO: What makes the Gridiron so versatile are the inserts. The middle part of the grate comes out, and you can use any of these inserts for stir-frying, baking pizza, braising pot roast, bbq’ing ribs, grilling vegetables, boiling water and making pancakes. Most of the inserts are inexpensive, at around $15-$22 each (the pizza stone is around $16).

We had the chicken roaster, which allows you roast a chicken upright over a can of beer. The insert is big enough for the chicken, as well as a few carrots and potatoes scattered around.

CON: The insert removal TOOL is a separate purchase! So, while we got the roaster, which was around $16, we didn’t get the tool, another $17 purchase. I think the tool should have come with the Gridiron grill.

Cooking with the STOK Gridiron Grill

PRO: This baby got HOT…FAST!!! Preheating the grill only took a couple of minutes. The grill shot up to over 600F.

PRO: Despite just being a “single burner”, the cast iron grates disperses heat more evenly.

PRO: I’m most impressed with how hot the grill got, and how hot it stayed. We had to turn the heat down quite a bit during cooking. I can see this grill being perfect getting a nice sear and char on steaks. Tip: Because this grill is small, you do have to babysit your food. Flare ups will happen, so check on your food often and move the food between the hot/warm spots.

PRO: One of my favorite features is the little table built in.

Cleaning the Gridiron Grill

After grilling, how to clean the grill…knowing that this is going into your precious car?

PRO: The grates were really easy to clean with a quick scrub. You can lift out the cast iron grates to clean the bottom of the grill, but it was a little more difficult, since you need to scrub around the burners.

PRO: Underneath the grill, there is a removable grease catcher. I would highly recommend lining the little bowl with tin foil, so that clean up is much easier. I would also recommend bringing along spray grease cleaner to wipe down the outside of the grill before putting it back into your car.

Oh yeah…another tip, REMOVE the grease catcher before you fold up the legs and transport. Ummmm…we forgot and guess what happened to all of the grease? It spilled and dripped all over the legs and on the ground.

Cleanup crew:

STOK Gridiron Grill Video

You can buy the STOK Gridiron Grill at Home Depot or Target for $159.99

STOK Gridiron Grill Giveaway



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