Thread & Whisk Apron Review & $125 Giveaway

This is a Thread & Whisk Apron Review, including both PROs and CONs of the apron. Also, a giveaway at end of the post for $125 gift certificate. – jaden

Thread & Whisk Apron Review

If you’re looking for a unique gift for the cook in your life, the Thread & Whisk Apron is a wonderful choice. The aprons are made in Portland, Oregon, out of 100% linen.

What makes these aprons unique is the “flounce” or detachable hand towel that you can use to quickly dry your hands. The flounces are attached to the apron with three little buttons, so that you can wash the hand towel without having to wash the entire apron. I love having a hand towel, always there, right at my side.

The Thread and Whisk apron also has a large, hidden pocket for your cell phone. Last night, while cooking burgers, I stored my foldable thermometer in the pocket.

Another feature of the Thread and Whisk apron is comfort. It is by far the most comfortable apron I’ve ever owned. The 100% linen fabric is soft and has the look and feel of something lovingly worn. Adjustable straps allow the apron to fall gracefully around your hips without a tie.

The only downside to this apron is that the linen requires you to tumble dry until nearly dry, and then remove from the dryer. Just smooth the apron a bit with your hands, and hang on a hook or hanger to finish drying. Or, you can quickly iron the apron.

I would highly recommending purchasing more than one flounce. That way, you only have to wash the apron every few uses, and instead, throw the flounce in the laundry, as needed.

Buy the Thread & Whisk apron here.

Thread & Whisk $125 Gift Certificate Giveaway