Giveaway: Wok Star Kit

My friend, Eleanor Hoh is the genius behind Wok Star Kit (value $145.00) – a light cast iron pre-seasoned wok and instructional set.

It’s one of my favorite woks and does magic for stir fries. She’s giving us one set to give away!

With the Wok Star Kit you’ll achieve delicious, homestyle dinners in thirty minutes with little cleanup.  What’s unique about the Wok Star Kit is that both the tools and techniques are provided so you’ll have a complete experience.

The no-recipe, no-measuring, no-calorie counting technique is simple and
easy to follow. It’s Easy Style Cooking with an Asian Flair.

One of the essential elements of wok cooking is high heat.  If you have
an electric cooktop, it will not work with a round bottom wok.  Please
“A Note About Your Heat Source” on the Stir Fry Stove page.

Wok Star Kit Includes:

  • 15″ Pre-seasoned, Lightweight Cast Iron Wok with lid, spatula & my unique magnetic wok mitt
  • Instructional videos
  • A laminated stir fry crib sheet for your fridge door
  • Caddy basket organizer with “squirt, squeeze, & shake ” dispensers for your Asian seasonings
  • Free Asian seasonings to get your started

Congratulations to our winner(s)!
Gary McLaughlinj

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  1. Terry Mac

    Oh, what a wonderful prize! My family really enjoys stir frys, and this kit would be ideal! Thank you for the giveaway.

  2. kathy

    LOVE to learn how to make chinese foods. My daughter and I order out all the time and would love to experiment and try new combinations

  3. Terry Mac

    Gotta have this wok! It sounds so fantastic, surely would help improve my woking!

  4. Johnathan WykaWarzecha

    I need a new wok….mine is a hand me down and needs updating. This wok sounds terrific! Would love to win it!

  5. Carla Riggs

    this would be an awesome gift to use to entertain my friends with! Making oriental cuisine is my favorite way of cooking and this would make it perfect!

    1. SteamyKitchen

      A wok is like a saute pan with higher sloping sides, you can use a saute pan if you want. A skillet, or frying pan is too shallow for stir fries, all your ingredients will spill out!

  6. Daphne

    The only wok I’ve ever had
    is spelled W-A-L-K,
    so if I won this wok I’d cook
    up a storm today!


  7. Britt Brill

    My husband is quite the cook, but we don’t have a wok yet. This would be fabulous for his birthday in February!! Thanks in advance!!

  8. sadie crandle

    just a question … how come the winners names are not given in this latest round of closed giveaways? the last line in the postings reads ‘congratulations to the winners’ but no names … this has happened in more than one of the giveaways that ended after the beginning of the year.

    1. SteamyKitchen

      Hi Sadie – that’s strange – all the giveaways + winner selection + winner posting happens automatically w/o human interaction on our part! 😉

      I’ll look into it.

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