Slow Butter Braised Asparagus

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I’ll admit, I have been caught up in the whole slow-cooking trend lately. Most of my slow-cooking has yielded succulent and tender results, like Tropical Island Salmon and Baby Back Ribs with Asian Orange Ginger Glaze, and yes, I’ve also had a couple of disasters. One night, I decided that we’d have an entire meal cooked sllllooowwwww. What a stupid …


Coconut Frozen Yogurt

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With just a handful of ingredients, make Coconut Frozen Yogurt that’s topped with crunchy tropical toasted coconut.


It Must Be My Lucky Week!

My Tropical Island Salmon tied for First Place Overall Winner in DMBLGIT! I am so honored, giddy and tickled pink salmon. Thank you! On Monday, I also won the 2007 Chamber of Commerce Minority Business of the Year honoring my husband and my other business, Digital Doctors. Should I go out and buy a lottery ticket?!? If I ever win …


Coconut Rice Recipe


Lets just say a well-respected local newspaper contacts you and says, “Hey, we’d like include you in a food story we’re doing. You’ll be creating a meal and we’ll be shadowing you while you shop and cook. You’ll be one of five chefs we’ll be profiling. Can you create a dish write a recipe and be ready tomorrow?” Wow. Me?! …


Garlic Scallion Noodles


There are times when I stand in the middle of my kitchen and have no idea what I want to cook. Its usually because of one of the following reasons: A) My kids have totally worn me out and I barely have enough brain power to resist my children’s pleading to eat gummy bears dipped …