Giveaway: Trudeau Stress Less

Today we are giving away some amazing kitchen gadgets that make your life in the kitchen easier. With the gadgets included in this giveaway from Trudeau you can make opening a can, cutting a pizza or grating cheese a breeze.

Trudeau Stress Less Giveaway

This giveaway includes the following:

one Stress Less Can Opener

one Stress Less Pizza Cutter

one Stress Less Rotary Cheese Grater

From Trudeau:

Trudeau reinvents the joy of cooking with the new Stress Less line of kitchenware designed to reduce stress while you prepare your favorite meals. These forward thinking products from Trudeau are ergonomically designed using patented 4:1 gear ratio engineering to take the strain that
common cooking tasks can have on one’s joints.

You can now get the most out of your kitchen tools with the least effort. The unique Stress Less design is the result of extensive ergonomic research that makes these products perfect for anyone who wants to take the stress out of everyday kitchen tasks.

Watch the video below to see how easy the Stress Less can opener is to use.

This giveaway is sponsored by Trudeau.

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