Giveaway: Fusionwood 8 Inch Chef Knife

8 inch Fusionwook Chef Knife - Pink

I’ve been a big fan of New West Knifeworks for the longest time! The handles are a work of art and of course the blade is top-notch and keeps its edge so much longer than any of my other knives. I love that you can choose the color of the handle that matches your personality – it feels good in your hand – sturdy, powerful, smooth, strong. ~jaden


The 8 inch Chef Knife is for those who love only the best.  “The Lightspeed 8”  This knife was deliberately designed for folks who find a traditional 8 inch chef cumbersome or intimidating.  The graceful blade shape, tapered tang and super thin blade grind makes this nimble knife come alive in your hand.

The Fusionwood 8 represents the first of the Fusionwood 2.0 blade design.  The pioneering grind on this blade gives the knife everything you look for in a chef knife: a solid feel in the hand, with excellent balance and a super thin blade that passes through any food like butter.  We start with a thick stock steel thickness (.150) and plunge grind in the blade to a very thin .095″ then taper the blade down to .020″ at the tip.   We then balance the knife by tapering the tang from .150″ to .050″ at the end of the handle.  The tapered tang gives tremendous balance and a unique appearance that is a hallmark of the only the finest custom made knives.

8 inch Fusionwook Chef Knife - Tang

This blade will take on the finest, sharpest edge of any chef knife you have ever owned. Your kitchen deserves the best kitchen knife.

Bonus Giveaway: You can also win an entire handcrafted 7 piece set when register between July 15th- August 13th on New West KnifeWorks  Facebook Page HERE.

 Giveaway sponsored by New West KnifeWorks.



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