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My brother, who is 4 years younger than me, has a very secret box high up in his closet. He’s had this same blue plastic bin for the past 30 years. It’s about the size of a toolbox, maybe a little bigger and inside is a treasure trove of Hot Wheels cars, spanning 3 decades worth.

It’s high up in his closet because he won’t let anyone touch the cars! Not even my boys, his dearest nephews. The cars are not new, but nearly every one of them are scratch-free, dent-free and polished. Well, as far as I know, they are…because the last time I laid eyes on the inside of that box was over 20 years ago.

Every time we visit Uncle Jay, the boys look longingly at that blue bin, high up in the closet, unreachable even if they got the kitchen stool. Fortunately, the boys have their own stash of Hot Wheels cars, complete with ramps and tracks that flip, turn, catapult and swing the cars. 

On one entire wall in Andrew’s room, he installed Hot Wheels Wall Tracks. They stick on his wall with 3M removable sticky tape and he repositions the tracks every so often to get a new design on his wall. Uncle Jay is impressed, we didn’t have that when we were kids! In fact, I don’t even remember having tracks!  

The coolest thing? Hot Wheels sent us this Double Dare Snare for the boys to play with and two weeks later – we got to see it on television performed live!

There’s no trickery involved, this is for real – a 6 story vertical double loop. 


Team Hot Wheels giveaway

This giveaway includes:

one (1) Team Hot Wheels Double Dare Snare

From the Team Hot Wheels site:

Take one-on-one racing and high-risk stunt action to the limit with a two-car track, hair-raising loop and a dangerous jump! There’s a “catch” for the winner but the other driver must make the jump or take the fall.

Details and features:

The mysterious Blue Driver dares you to a race! Head-to-head, blasting down a straightaway, into a loop, and off a jump. The catch? Only the winner makes it onto the snare platform and safety. The other driver goes flying off the edge, with nowhere to go but down. Will you take the challenge?

Test your other Hot Wheels® cars to see which is fastest
Dual launchers propel the side-by-side racing action
Includes one Hot Wheels vehicle
Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles.

Battery Required: No | Batteries Included: No
Assembly Required: Yes
Warranty: Yes
Age Grade: 4 & up

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