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About Twine

Twine sources authentic, enduring goods that have purpose and will hopefully be loved, treasured, and kept. They actively support emerging and established makers, artists, and designers to bring an edited selection of handmade, artful objects.

About these Items


Secret Branch Boxes: These tree branches have a secret – their trunks have been hollowed out to create a hiding spot for treasures, notes, coins or jewels. What will you secret away inside? Teak branch sections with interior compartments and swivel-hinge lids (no hardware!). Each one is unique so sizes vary slightly.


What to Cook? Dice: Lacking inspiration at mealtime? Roll the dice! A delightful addition to any kitchen – make a game of cooking, mix it up, get creative, get inspired. Set of 14 handmade dice lovingly illustrated and packed in a handy repurposed spice jar. From the basics – eggs, rice – to the exotic – hot chiles, fennel, bok choy. Includes grains, veggies, herbs and (in the omnivore set) meats, too.


Engraved Bamboo Chopsticks: Eat in style with these cool, customized bamboo chopsticks! Smooth, solid bamboo chopstick with a special, engraved message on each set of chopsticks. Perfect for that home dinner party, a hostess gift or even to welcome the new year. Pair of bamboo chopsticks is engraved with love, luck and happiness

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