It’s been over 10 year since I’ve worked in the wine industry, having consulted with Beaulieu Vineyards and parent company, Diageo, for over 4 years on their digital marketing strategy. I’ve experienced so much in those years in the wine world, that it’s not often I’m wowed by new products. But this, my friends, is very cool.


Robert Mondavi Private Selection has partnered with Crawford Denim and Vintage Co. to create hand sewn, hand dyed, wine stained denim shirts and bandanas. The shirts are sturdy, thick, of amazing quality, all accented with Robert Mondavi Heritage Red blend. This is such an innovative gift for the wine lover, something so different than the boring wine stopper or bottle opener.

You can purchase a shirt here at Crawford Denim for $135. The wine-dyed bandana is just $10 (makes a GREAT holiday gift!)