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Crisp™ PeelersI’m not 100% certain when I say this but I think only people who have been cooking for a long time know the difference between great cooking tools and not-so-great ones. Say, a peeler or a knife, for example. To most people, a peeler is just a peeler. You go to the store and pick up the first one that you see, not giving it a second thought and you go home feeling accomplished. Well, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell y’all this but, NO! If you’ve never had even a tiny bit of your skin peeled off by a tool that’s supposed to help you with something that’s seemingly so mundane as peeling the skin off a potato, then you probably don’t spend as much time in the kitchen prepping food as the rest of us. And lucky you because you don’t need to go through the horrible experience of cursing an inanimate object for not doing it’s job properly, all thanks to Crisp™ Cooking Tools!

I honestly did not realize how wearisome some of the things I do in the kitchen actually are until I discovered Crisp™ Cooking Tools.

Crisp™ straight peeler

Crisp™ Straight Peeler

This peeler has an ergonomic design that allows you to hold the peeler in a variety of position and makes it easier for you to remove the skin from your fruits and vegetables. Its angled head creates an effortless cutting position so you can complete the job easily. The straight blade makes this straight peeler perfect for peeling potatoes, carrots, apples, cucumbers, etc.

Crisp™ Zester

This citrus tool is very compact in size which is why it would be very easy to think that it does not do much but don’t be fooled. Firstly, it has a scoring blade and channel knife. Then you’ve got two (TWO!) zesting blades to accommodate your specific needs whether you require just a small or large amounts. The soft rubber grip and ergonomic handle design on this would allow you to grip it tightly and it would also fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Plus, the large zesting blade folds right into the handle for safe and easy storage.

Crisp™' julienne peeler

Crisp™ Julienne Peeler

What makes the Julienne Peeler extra special is it’s sharp (yet safe) blade that is perfect for creating fancy fruit and veggie cuts. It also has an ergonomic design and its being “Y” shaped allows you to use it with either hands.

Crisp™ corn stripper

Crisp™ Corn Stripper

This cool kitchen gadget totally sucks the mundanity out of cleaning and stripping corn from the cob. It easily removes the silk and strips the kernels off the cob. It has a comfortable, easy-to-hold handle and a curved blade that makes removing the kernels easy-peasy!

Crisp™ serrated peeler

Crisp™ Serrated Peeler

True to its name, this peeler has a serrated blade that makes it perfect for peeling delicate, soft-skinned fruits and veggies like tomatoes without harming the actual flesh. It also has an angled head that creates an effortless cutting position, perfect if for the tomatoes for your salsa!


Crisp™ Straight Paring Knife

This kitchen knife is perfect for jobs that require precise control such as creating decorative shapes, slicing, peeling dicing and mincing. It’s designed with a high quality, non-stick, stainless steel blade for sure and steady dicing and cutting. It also comes with a dual function cover that not only keeps the blade covered for safe storage, but also acts as a sharpener to maintain that sharp edge at all times.

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 18.16.20

Crisp™ is a bold, new collection of fruit and vegetable cooking tools that transforms tedious kitchen prep to a world of delicious possibilities.  We believe healthy eating should be exciting, and there’s no end to what you’ll create with Crisp™ tools. Salads are stunning, pies are perfect, even peeling and slicing potatoes becomes an art form, instead of a chore.

Crisp™ kitchen tools help you easily prepare fruits and vegetables for healthy and delicious eating year round. Developed by award-winning housewares designers, these tools fit your hand so well, it’s like they were designed expressly for you. Gracefully contoured handles, angled blades, and above-and-beyond features give you the confidence and inspiration to take your cooking further and make every day food prep more fun and more fulfilling.

Enter the Crisp™ Cooking Tools Giveaway:

Giving away 2 Crisp™ Cooking Tools of the winner’s choice.

Sponsored by Crisp™.


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