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From our wedding day, we did the thing that all wedding planning books suggested – freeze part of your wedding cake to enjoy on your 1 year anniversary.

It was nasty.

I don’t even know why we thought it would be a good idea to do this, especially since we were moving cross-country from California to Florida. The precious cake was packed in a cooler, with dry ice, so that it wouldn’t melt, and lugged around as my carry on luggage.

A year later, once defrosted, tasted like sugar-coated, soggy cardboard!

Wine For a Wedding has a much better idea….hand-crafted wine boxes that are custom-inscribed just for you.


These boxes are made to hold 3 bottles of wine (or single malt scotch, in our case) and to meant to be opened on life milestones, whether your 1st, 5th and 10th anniversary — or 15th, 20th, 25th anniversary like ours.

The boxes are made of birch, and constructed beautifully. These will last a lifetime.


The back of each wooden lid is also customizable with a personal message. We inscribed our life motto, “Creating Magical Moments Everyday.”

Scott and I absolutely love this idea. It would have been much more delightful and easier to carry than frozen cake! We are looking forward to opening our first bottle in 3 years. Instead of wine, we chose single malt scotch.

If you don’t want to create a wedding anniversary keepsake, personalize the box with your family name!



wineforaweddinglogoAbout Wine For A Wedding:

We are a group of wacky wine lovers who dreamed of a go-to, unique and personal wedding gift. Our dream turned into an idea – that turned into another idea – and that idea turned into Wine for a Wedding. Our mission is to create things we love and share them with the world. We are passionate about art and wine; family and friends; great celebrations and romantic nights shared with the ones we love. As a young company, we are also passionate about our products and serving our customers. Like great wine we strive to evolve, mature and get better with age.

Every wine box is made in the USA and crafted from wood harvested in a responsible way. To reduce our impact on the environment a tree is planted for every box we sell. Our time-released, message in the box design is patent protected and unique. All of our wine boxes are engraved, especially for our customers, at our workshop in High Ridge, Missouri.

The artwork featured on our wine boxes was created by us, or one of our artist collaborators – a creative bunch that includes painters and poets, graphic designers and video game developers.

Enter the WineForAWedding Giveaway:

Giving away one personalized box, wine not included. To enter, fill out the giveaway information below!

Sponsored by WineForAWedding.


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