Giveaway: ErgoChef 3 Piece Duo Tongs Set

We use several different types of pans for cooking:  cast iron, nonstick and hard anodized. Oh, and also our outdoor grill! To make sure we don’t scratch our nonstick cookware, we have been using silicon or plastic tipped tongs. The problem with this is that I’ve had several melt in the cast iron pans and on the BBQ grill.
I’ve also ruined 2 pairs while cutting with a sharp chef’s knife too. To further explain – after grilling the chicken breast, I’ll use the tongs to bring them to the cutting board. The chicken is too hot to handle with my bare hands, so I use the tons to steady and anchor the chicken while I cut the meat into strips.  Well, I didn’t move the tongs back far enough and it got nicked in the knife’s edge!
ErgoChef provided the perfect solution. One side is silicon, heat safe for up to 500F, for my nonstick cookware. The other side sturdy metal for everything else, including slicing chicken. ~ Jaden

ErgoChef Locking Tongs:

This 3pc. Locking Kitchen Tong set has a 9″ pair for serving and small stove top cooking. A 12″ Pair (Tested & Recommended by Cooking Club of America) when you need a bit more reach and a 15″ Pair for the grill & professional kitchen. They feature 500 degree silicone heads on one side for non-stick pan use, and steel teeth on other side for picking up anything you need a real firm grip on.
Will pick up anything, from Ice, pasta, vegetables, to shredded lettuce, salads, chicken, steak, & pork. Anything! You can even stick them in a deep fryer and let the slot in the heads drain the oil before plating. The non-slip grip handle keep you in control & locking slide ring keeps them closed when storing & opened when in use.
Watch the video below for more information!

Enter the ErgoChef 3 Piece Duo Tongs Set Giveaway:

Sponsored by ErgoChef.



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