Black & Decker BL6010 Performance FusionBlade Digital Blending System Review & Giveaway

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Black & Decker provided the blender for the giveaway.

Our kitchen has seen nearly every brand of blender: Oster, Ninja, Vitamix, BlendTec, and many, many more. We put this Black & Decker FusionBlade Blender to the test, making smoothies and salsa. While the unit isn’t the most powerful (it’s hard to beat Vitamix and BlendTec), it is the most powerful at its price point, which is approximately $109.00 on Amazon.

The FusionBlade features 1100 watts of power, making blending of frozen chunks of fruit easy work. The 64 ounce blender jar is a good size – I’ve found that larger jars of their competitors are more difficult to clean and don’t blend as well.

This blender’s big selling point is its blade shape and the shape of its jar, which supposedly creates a “vortex” to move the food better. The unit comes with a personal sized to-go jar, which is really convenient for smoothies in the morning. ~Jaden

About FusionBlade Blender

Soups, smoothies, and iced drinks have never been easier thanks to the BLACK + DECKER Performance FusionBlade Digital Blending System. A powerful 1100-watt motor works with the all-in-one 64-oz. blending jar and blade design to produce a vortex that blends food in no time. Plus, you also get a 20-oz. personal-size jar with a twist-on travel lid that’s perfect for taking a shake or smoothie on the go. The digital control panel is easy to wipe clean, and features five different speeds and pre-programmed functions along with a pulse button so you can get the perfect consistency for everything you create. To top it all off, the removable parts are completely dishwasher-safe, so cleanup is fast and easy.


Black & Decker 3The stainless steel FusionBlade is designed to quickly crush ice and evenly blend soups and smoothies. The shape of the jar helps to create a powerful vortex into the blade so food is blended as quickly as possible.

The BPA-free plastic jar is lightweight, yet durable, with room for all your blended favorites.

The FusionBlade is fully integrated with the 64-oz. jar for simple operation and easy cleaning. Dishwasher safe.







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20-ounce Personal Blender Jar

The BPA-free personal-size jar comes with a removable blade base and a travel lid for taking a shake or smoothie on the go.

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