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Salt Matters

Just last night, I was at my parent’s house for dinner. Mom made some homemade dumplings and then exclaimed, “the dumplings are too salty!” She had just bought some regular iodized table salt, and since the salt particles are so small, she accidentally poured too much in the mixture. No more cheap table salt for her — back to the good salt!

Iodized table salt – the regular, cheap stuff, is mined from underground salt tables, and is processed, stripping away all of the valuable minerals. It also contains anti-caking agents to prevent clumping and added iodine (which you don’t need if you eat a balanced diet.)

Sea salt, on the other hand, is minimally processed. It comes from evaporated sea water, and still contains all the trace minerals naturally found in the water.

What is Pink Himalayan Salt?

Himalayan Pink Salt is even more special. It comes from the salt rocks naturally occurring in Pakistan. It too, is minimally processed and contains trace minerals. The pink color is the true natural color of the salt.

According to Salt Rox, The flavor of Pink Himalayan Salt is much more mild than a processed sodium product. The quantity of trace minerals impart a mild and complex taste. 1.2% sulfur, 4% calcium, .35% potassium, 16% magnesium, along with 80 other trace minerals.

Here are some of my favorite uses for Himalayan Pink Salt

Salt-Rox-Shot-Glass-Stocking-Stufer-Christmas-Sq-566x566Salt Rox has shot glasses made from 100% pure Himalayan Pink Salt. Instead of rimming your glass with salt, enjoy a shot of tequila in this Salt Rox Shotz shot glass!

Here’s another use for the Shotz glass, fill it it with smashed garlic cloves, fresh rosemary sprigs, and stuff it in the cavity of a roasting chicken. The salt, garlic and rosemary sprigs will infuse into the chicken, from the inside!

4x8x1plate__76875-566x240We also love these salt plates. The thinner plates are carved to be used as serving plates. We recently had a sushi party at our house and used the plates to serve slices of yellowtail and fresh salmon. The salt delicately seasons the fish.


About Salt Rox

Salt Rox is a small, family-owned company located in Central Kentucky. We’re passionate foodies! We are trendsetters, investigators and inventors… and we love sharing that with you! We manufacture Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Plates and other complementary Himalayan Salt products to enhance and season your food, before and during the cooking process. Our goal is to introduce gourmet products that complement and enhance your cooking and eating experience! We invite you on this journey with us!

Salt Rox $75 Giveaway

Salt Rox is giving away a $75 gift certificate.



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