Duxtop 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop Review & Giveaway

duxtop induction cooktop review

Duxtop 8300ST Portable Induction Cooktop Review

Sitting on my kitchen counter is a Duxtop 8300ST portable induction cooktop. I bought this unit almost exactly 3 years ago, to use as a portable cooktop for creating cooking videos.The Duxtop works by induction – magnetic fields that are eco-friendly, energy saving and safe to use. The ultra lightweight unit gave me so much flexibility – I could cook on any flat surface near an electrical outlet. We also brought the Duxtop 8300ST to television studio sets – their in-house electric stovetops were unreliable and sooooo slow. When cooking on television, I needed something that turned on and got hot immediately.

But the reason the Duxtop is on my kitchen countertop right now is because we’re in midst of a kitchen remodel. The stovetop hasn’t been installed yet, and we’re relying on this portable induction cooktop to get dinner on the table! It works beautifully.

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What I like about the Duxtop 8300ST:

  • It turns on and heats up my pan within seconds.
  • Includes a safety lock feature – no accidentally turning it on!
  • Stays cool to touch.
  • Flat design that’s easy to clean – just a wet rag wipes everything up.
  • Easy to adjust temperature buttons
  • Long, 6ft power cord
  • No pan on stovetop? 60-second auto shutoff if no pan is detected
  • 10 Power levels: cook from 200-1800 watts
  • Very lightweight.

What I wish the Duxtop did better:

  • It’s a little loud for an induction cooktop. But then again, I’m comparing it to large kitchen-installed induction cooktops. The noise isn’t a deal-killer, it’s just a little louder than I’m used to.

Oh, we also use this portable induction cooktop for hosting Korean bbq parties, Vietnamese spring roll parties and Chinese hot-pots. We place the Duxtop in the middle of our dining table and everyone gets to cook their own food for lettuce wraps and rolls. Amazon customers love this cooktop – average 4.3 out of 5 stars. -Jaden

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Duxtop 8300ST Giveaway

The above review is my honest review of the Duxtop 8300ST – Jaden
We are giving away 1 unit of this induction cooktop – Duxtop 8300ST through our giveaway program as sponsored by InductionTop – a blog which reviews induction cooktops and cookware.