Tribella Wine Aerator Review & Giveaway

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tribella wine aerator reviewTribella Wine Aerator Review

Not too long ago, the only tools made for aerating wine at home were wide, tall, vase-shaped decanters, which took up too much table space and were a pain to wash. Then, along came the Vinturi, which required you to expertly hold and balance the aerator above your wine glass while simultaneously pouring the wine.

While the Vinturi is effective, it’s clunky, drippy and requires too much dexterity (I’ve missed the pour so many times!)

That’s why we’re loving the Tribella Wine Aerator. The aeration happens neatly in a pour spout that you snug in the bottle. The patented 3-stream wine aeration creates a beautiful, smooth, cascading pour. The moment you tilt back up, the pour stops and is drip-free.

The Tribella also comes with a protective case, so that it doesn’t bang around in your drawer.

At $40.00, the price is higher than most in-bottle aeration tools, is it worth it? Absolutely. The Tribella has a tough rubber gasket that fits in the wine bottle, the three pour spouts are made of metal, not cheap plastic like some of the other aerators out in the marketplace.

For wine lovers, this elegant aeration tool is just a step in appreciating the joy and craftsmanship of wine.


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Tribella Wine Aerator Giveaway

Tribella provided a unit for review and one for a giveaway.



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