SteakChamps Steak Knives Review & Giveaway

steakchamps steak knives review

SteakChamps Steak Knives Review

Prior to meeting my husband, I used the cheapy steak knives that came in my block of 12 knives I bought on sale at Macy’s. I wasn’t a big griller then, as I was living in San Francisco and my patio balcony was old and brittle. We didn’t dare set more than one foot at a time on that thing!

Scott changed all that when we got married and moved to sunny Florida. Grilling was a year-round activity (unless there was a hurricane) and during the summer, steaks on the grill was more common than turning on my kitchen stove.

We invested in some good steak knives, as my cheapy ones wouldn’t even cut through chicken. Here’s our philosophy: If you’re going to cook and enjoy $40 worth of steaks, use good quality knives. It makes no sense to rip and tear through beautifully marbled meat with bad knives.

The two steak knives we love and recommend are – New West Knifeworks and these SteakChamp Steak Knives.

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What I like about the SteakChamp Steak Knives:

    They are substantial, even fancier than what you’d see at the finest steakhouses. They are heavy – at 5 ounces each, which makes it so easy to slice through any meat. Well balanced.
    Shiny, German-made stainless steel, beautiful blade with sharp serrated blade that runs half the length of blade, and tapers to a very sharp edge for smooth cutting.
    Super sharp tip. I don’t like knives that have a rounded tip – the sharp tip helps cut!
    Full tang – the metal goes all the way down the length of the handle.

Other thoughts:
Might be too heavy for smaller hands. My husband LOVES these heavy, large steak knives, but sometimes I feel like they are just a bit too big for me, especially for more delicate meats like chicken, filet mignon, pork chops.

$49.95 for a set of 2 steak knives might be pricey for some, but these knives will last a lifetime. The knives are made in Germany.

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SteakChamps Steak Knives Giveaway

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