Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chao $100 Gift Certificate

We recently dined at Fogo de Chão Brazilian Steakhouse – here’s our review, including a $100 gift certificate that’s good for any of their locations in the United States!

Fogo de Chão Las Vegas Review

One of the most popular dining concepts in Las Vegas is the Brazilian Churrascaria, or steakhouse, where meat carvers roam from table to table, and present a hot skewer of fire-roasted meats to slice on demand.

With over 48 locations worldwide, Fogo de Chão is one of the most successful Brazilian steakhouse chains, featuring all-you-can eat salad bar and meats. Specialty drinks and seasonal appetizer specials are available.

Our visit to the Summerlin, Las Vegas location featured a revamp of their Bar Menu. If you’re not up for an all-you-can-stuff experience, you can order a la carte Brazilian cocktails and bar bites.

From the top: Jumbo Shrimp served with spicy Malagueta Brazilian cocktail sauce, Fogo Caipirinha (Fogo Silver Cachaça, limes, cane sugar), house Chimichurri, their signature Pão de Queijo (cheese puff bread made with yucca flour), my salad selection from the Salad Bar, and Strawberry Hibiscus Caipirinha (Silver cachaça, house-made hibiscus syrup, strawberries, lime)

You have to keep your cool and remember that you’re here to dine for a couple of hours, and not to fill up with all the delicious temptations at the salad bar.

Actually, to call it a salad bar is certainly an understatement. In addition to the standard fixings for a salad, you’ll find marinated and grilled peppers, exotic fruits, pasta salads, smoked salmon and grilled asparagus as fat as a broomstick.

Top: Brazilian Empanada (flaky pastry stuffed with seasoned Picanha, sautéed onions, garlic, and bell peppers. served with chimichurri aioli)

After appetizers and salads, I settled for a Brazilian red wine to complement the feast of meats to come.

Our favorite was the most famous cut, called Picanha, or Sirloin Cap. Look at this happy husband:

The Picanha is simply seasoned with just rock salt, and fire-grilled with a “cap” of fat to produce the most succulent, juicy, and full-flavored beef that we’ve ever experienced. This skewer literally just came off the flames less than a minute ago. I have to commend our server, Caleb Reyes, for his attentive care and deep knowledge of the Brazilian Gaucho (cowboy) lifestyle. He explained to us that the Picanha cut is prized, because there are only 2 pieces per cow. In Brazil, this is the most expensive and most popular cut by far.

Rich history of Brazilian Churrascaria

The Fogo de Chão in Summerlin, Las Vegas, is situated in an outdoor mall with palm trees, evening lights and beautiful water fountains to set the mood for a romantic al fresco dining experience. We want to thank manager Chris Kuhn for not only his generous hospitality, but for running a very fine establishment that embraces the rich Gaucho culture, from its food to easy-going, family-like atmosphere. The dining experience is skewed upscale, without being stuffy, interactive, without being forced, and….happy.

Fogo de Chão $100 Giveaway

You can use the $100 gift certificate at any of their locations in the United States. See all of their locations here!


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