Breville Smoking Gun Review & Giveaway

Review of the Breville Smoking Gun handheld smoker ($99), including both PROs and CONs. We’ve been testing the Smoking Gun for the past 2 months.

Breville Smoking Gun Review

Years ago….probably 7 years….I bought the first version of The Smoking Gun. Back then, it was branded, “The Smoking Gun by PolyScience.” I only got to play with it once. We invited new friends we had just met the week prior, over for dinner. I whipped out the Smoking Gun and together, we experimented, smoking some soft cheeses. It was the most unusual and unique conversation starter! Our new friends loved it so much, that I gifted that Smoking Gun to them right on the spot. Ok, I was a little tipsy and a little too happy that night…and excited for the blossoming friendship. I’ve missed that Smoking Gun!

Fast forward 7 years later, I found out that Breville partnered with PolyScience to re-introduce The Smoking Gun with an updated design and more consumer-friendly marketing.

What is a Smoking Gun?

The Breville Smoking Gun is a hand-held gadget, that within seconds, infuses smoky flavor to your food, using real wood chips, all without any heat.

Why do you need a Smoking Gun?

The honest truth is, you don’t. I call it the most extravagant, single-purpose kitchen toy for foodies.


  1. It’s not that expensive, at $99.
  2. It’s so freakin’ fun to use! Pretend to be a culinary superstar!

Using the Breville Smoking Gun

Package comes with the gun, recipes, 2 small samples of wood chips (applewood & hickory), and batteries.

The updated design is so much better. The weighted bottom means you can set the gun down on the counter without tipping over.

Connect the rubber hose.

These are the wood chips….more like wood shavings.

Add just a pinch of wood shavings.

Put your food in a plastic bag, insert hose, seal the bag and turn on the Smoking Gun. Light the chips on fire.

SMOKED OLIVES!! It just takes a few seconds.

Smoked Maldon Sea Salt?! Heck yeah!

Put salt in a cup, cover with plastic wrap and insert hose.

Smoked popcorn! What??! Yes, smoke your popcorn.

We like smoked popcorn! That’s Nathan and a friend giving thumbs up.

I am having SO MUCH FUN!!!!

We bought more wood chips from Amazon, $33 for a package of 8 different woods: Oak, Hickory, Cherry, Maple, Mesquite, Pecan, Apple, and Bourbon Soaked Oak. Great deal.

If you’re looking to buy more wood chips, go to a gourmet kitchen store. You want wood chips that are this fine. Larger chips won’t work, they won’t fire up like these shavings. Even these chips from Williams Sonoma are too big.

Also, make sure that the wood you’re buying is specifically for smoking food (you don’t want hardware store wood, which might be coated with chemicals.)

You know you want a Smoking Gun….

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Breville Smoking Gun Giveaway


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