The best cutting board we’ve found (and giveaway)

This is a Titan Butcher Blocks Review, including both PROs and CONs. We’ve been using the Titan Butcher Blocks cutting board, everyday, for the past 2 weeks. -Jaden

Titan Butcher Blocks Review

The two most important tools in my kitchen is my chef’s knife and my cutting board. I can pretty much cook with any type of cookware, but if I don’t have a good, sharp knife and a steady surface to cut on, I feel unsafe and cooking takes twice as long. That’s because 80% of the cooking process happens during prep, at the sink and cutting board: trimming, slicing, mincing, chopping.

I was cooking at a friend’s house recently, and he had a beautiful set of high-end knives in a knife block. I asked for a cutting board, and he pulled out a thin, plastic, flexible cutting mat. What should have taken me 20 minutes to cook ended up taking over an hour. The knife blade wobbled every time I tried to cut on the slippery, plastic surface. I actually had to tape down the cutting mat to the countertop so that it wouldn’t slide! The next day, I gifted him a new wooden cutting board.


Titan Butcher Blocks Cutting Board Review

Titan sent over a walnut, end-grain butcher block with a bottle of Vitality Oil.

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - vitality oil

The butcher block is a beast!!! 15″ x 20″ and 2.5″ thick.

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - end grain

Good thing it has handle grooves. It’s heavy!

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - very thick, sturdy, but heavy

It’s a good thing that the block is heavy. That means it’s going to stay put, and not slip or slide.

Difference between Titan cutting board and Titan butcher block

Cutting boards are generally thinner, most of them are made 3/4″ thick. They are primarily Edge Grain, strips of wood are glued together.

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - edge grain

These cutting boards are great for everyday use. This one pictured is a Maple Edge Grain Cutting board.

An End-Grain Cutting Board is meant for butchery. Ends of wood are glued together to provide a unique cutting surface that is better on your knives. The fibers of the wood allow more give in the surface. End-Grain blocks do not show knife marks, is sturdier, and will last a lifetime. End-Grain blocks are more expensive than Edge-Grain.

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - end grain

PROs: Here’s what I love about the Titan cutting boards:

  • Made in USA (North Canton, Ohio)
  • Focus on responsible forestry practices
  • Focus on sustainability – 100% of the wood byproducts are used (wood chips sold to paper mills, sawdust used as fuel, bark sold as mulch)
  • Choose end or edge grain. Actually, you can customize the board to the exact dimensions that you want.
  • Surprisingly affordable
  • I love that Titan sells both 1.5″ and 2.5″ thick boards. Both have handle grooves
  • Each cutting board comes with 8oz bottle of Titan Vitality Oil, which is essential for taking care of your wood cutting boards (see below).


  • It’s a heavy beast. This is not a cutting board (2.5″ thick version) you want to be lugging in and out of a cabinet every time you want to cut an apple. Because we cook so much, I leave my cutting board on my counter at all times, so a large, heavy board works for us. Butcher blocks and cutting boards should be sturdy and steady. The Titan boards are so gorgeous that it looks beautiful on the counter anyways.

Titan Vitality Oil

I used the Vitality Oil on my old cutting board, which I’ve been using every single day for the past 8 years.

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - renewing old cutting board with Titan vitality oil

The oil is food-grade mineral with vitamin E. Gave my old board a new finish. It prevents the wood from drying out and protects the wood. Like new again:

Titan Butcher Blocks Review - renewing old cutting board with Titan vitality oil

Recommendation: I highly recommend the Titan Cutting Boards and Butcher Blocks. It’s a perfect holiday gift for the cook in your family. This is something that, with care, will absolutely last a lifetime. Go visit their website and buy a board!

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