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The Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus is so much more than a slow cooker, it offers slow cooking, searing, steaming, and oven functionalities! Now you can sear meats and sauté veggies before slow cooking to lock in flavor! You can Slow Cook hearty roasts and stews. Use Stove Top to sear and sauté. Steam delicate foods such as vegetables and seafood using the included steaming rack. You can even bake a whole chicken or moist cupcakes. Traditional slow cookers only heat from the side but the Ninja® heats from the bottom, from the side, and with steam. This is called Triple Fusion Heat and it allows your Multi-Cooker Plus to cook in the many ways that it can. For maximum control in your kitchen, the Ninja® features programmable Time and Temperature settings as well as an Auto-Stay Warm function. Not cooking at home? This appliance works great for parties, vacations, or dorm rooms. Wherever you decide to cook, it will be worry free because the Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus comes with ACCUTEMP Technology. ACCUTEMP works behind the scenes to keep your cooking temperature in a more controlled range that ensures your food won’t boil over or be overcooked. No more messes or ruined meals.

  • Four Manual Cooking Functions: Slow Cook, Stove Top Sear/Sautee, Steam, and Bake. Four cooking functions all in one appliance. Cook food in more ways than a traditional slow cooker can.
  • Triple Fusion Heat: Traditional slow cookers have only one type of heat—the Ninja® Multi-Cooker Plus has three. Bottom heat, side heat, and steam heat all work together for easy one pot meals.
  • Auto Stay-Warm: The appliance automatically switches to Stay Warm mode when Slow Cook, Steam, or Bake functions come to completion. This keeps your food hot and ready to serve without overcooking it.
  • Programmable Time and Temperature: Select your time and temperature for precise cooking (only available with certain functions).
  • Sear to Slow Cook: Searing meats before slow cooking locks in flavors and juices as well as creates a delicious texture. Do this all in one pot—no extra pans to wash.
  • Easy Clean, 6 Quart Pot: Our 6 quart pot can easily feed a family or more. Being lightweight, non-stick, and dishwasher safe, the pot is very easy to clean and it will be the only thing you have too wash. Focus on the meal, not the mess.
  • Portable: Cook anywhere you have an outlet. Parties, vacations, college, and more. Using a single, easy-to-clean appliance to prepare one-pot meals makes on-the-go cooking convenient.


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