Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review & Giveaway

This is a Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review, with both PROs and CONs after two months of testing in our kitchen. – jaden

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review

We’ve been using the Copper Chef Wonder Cooker in our kitchen for the past couple of months, making a giant batch of spaghetti sauce, roasting a whole chicken, everyday breakfasts, steaming and roasting vegetables.

When I first heard of the name, Wonder Cooker, I was expecting a small appliance. What arrived instead was a set of pans and baskets.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review

I was actually relieved. My kitchen is over-run with small appliances that claim to do everything (but in reality, they only perform a couple of cooking tasks very well). Pots and pans are infinitely versatile!

Here’s the product in an informercial, to get an overview:

The box I received from Copper Chef includes the Wonder Cooker Set, as well the Copper Chef Square Casserole Set ($99 per set).

The cookware is made from cast-aluminum with a ceramic coating that is nonstick (PTFE & PFOA free). Copper Chef claims no need to use oil, butter or grease.

Let’s try this with an egg.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - egg


Once I flipped the egg, it did make a bit of a mess and stuck, and I had to resort to making scrambled eggs.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - egg

But still! Scrambled eggs with no oil is still do-able.

The pan was easy to clean with just a wipe of a paper towel. Super easy.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - egg

*Note – this pan I’m using is not part of their Wonder Cooker system, and I can’t seem to find this on their site, but perhaps it’s sold out. We’ve been using this pan to make large omelets for family breakfast. I highly recommend using a little oil. Food will stick, but it’s easy to scrape off. A little spritz of cooking oil improves the cooking experience.

My favorite setup is the large, deep roasting pan with steamer baskets. Add an inch of water and your vegetables. Cover with lid.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - steam vegetables

This makes steaming more than one type of vegetable so incredibly easy.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - steam vegetables

Broccoli cooks faster than cauliflower, so removed the broccoli after a couple of minutes and let the cauliflower cook longer. Use the included basket lifter to remove the hot basket without burning yourself.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - steam vegetables

While I LOVE a glass lid (so that I can peek in and see what’s going on in the pan), I’m not a fan of the lid handle. It’s hard to grab with an oven mitt.

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - steam vegetables

Mom came over and taught Nathan how to make a special kind of Chinese steamed bun. It’s a cheater recipe….Mom uses packaged refrigerated biscuit dough (the kind that comes in the exploding canister that gives me anxiety every time I pop one open hahah).

Copper Chef Wonder Cooker Review - Chinese dumplings

Take a biscuit dough round, roll it out into a circle, stuff it with filling. Pleat and pinch shut. Wet the bottom of the dumpling, press it into some roasted sesame seeds.

Place the dumplings inside the wonder cooker with a tablespoon and half of cooking oil. Crisp the bottom of the dumplings, then pour in a 1/4 cup of water, cover and steam. Cook until water evaporated, dough is cooked and the bottoms are crisp.

The dumplings don’t stick to the Wonder Cooker surface – it was the perfect vessel to make these cheater style dumplings (and it only took 20 minutes to make).

Things we’ve made that worked really well:

  • Roasting vegetables in the grill pan and the deep roaster
  • Roasting chicken in the roaster
  • Using the deep roaster on an induction cooktop as a slow cooker (very low heat setting) for pulled pork
  • Anything that gets seared first, then roasted in oven (can you tell I love this deep roasting pan??)
  • Big batch of spaghetti sauce in the roaster. Moving the roaster into the oven to keep the sauce warm while guests arrive
  • Roasting beef bones in the oven first, then moving the roaster to stovetop to make beef broth and French Onion Soup.
  • Making brownies in the square pan
  • Steaming vegetables
  • In one pan – cooking scrambled eggs and frying up sausage patties (using the square pan)

Things we’ve made that worked okay:

  • Cooking bacon in the grill pan (sides not high enough to contain bacon splatter)
  • Cooking steak in the grill pan (same problem)
  • Air frying with the grill pan + basket (my electric air fryer appliance works better)
  • Cooking with no oil (I still recommend using oil – but you can use 25% of the oil that you normally would use)

Things I probably won’t try:

  • Deep frying french fries (what am I going to do with all that spent oil? I’d rather use an electric deep fryer appliance or just the air fryer appliance)

So, it’s been a little over two months since we’ve had the Copper Chef product in our kitchen. Here’s how much I like it:

The cookware gets real estate in my pots and pans drawer. Not all the pieces, just the large roaster, steaming baskets, the grill pan and the square pan.

But I do want to give a shoutout to this set:

It’s the extra-large 11″ casserole with lid and steamer. I would use this to make Chinese steamed dim sum dumplings (in place of a bamboo steamer), steam a big batch of vegetables, Chinese steamed fish, etc).

The square pan that I love comes with this set.


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