ButcherBox Review

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We’re reviewing the ButcherBox, 100% grass fed beef delivery service, featuring both PROs and CONs of their product and service.

ButcherBox Review

It feels like each month, a new food or meal delivery service launches. We’ve tried several, including Blue Apron and Martha and Marley Spoon, but the meal delivery service isn’t something that’s personally right for our family. Firstly, I love grocery shopping and farmer’s markets, especially picking out my own fruits and vegetables. Secondly, sometimes our plans change mid-week and while the meats can be frozen, I end up making a big pot of vegetable soup with the rest of the produce.

ButcherBox is something that’s better suited for our family. Their meats are grass-fed, grass finished and never any hormones. They source their meats from small farmers who pasture raise their cattle.

The company began as a Kickstarter project, raising over $200,000. Here, take a look:

In addition to beef, ButcherBox also offers pork and chicken, all hormone free, humanely raised.

Each shipment is a MONTH’s worth of meat, flash frozen and sent in eco-friendly, reusable packaging.

You won’t know exactly which cuts you get each month, but it’s the normal stuff, like tri-tip, ground beef, sirloin. Here was our package – we chose all-beef (plus bacon).

PRO: The quality of the meat was exceptional. Each cut was lean, generous and tender. The packages were perfectly vacuum sealed for long term freezer storage.

Here’s an example of the quality of ButcherBox:

The last 1,000 times I’ve bought bacon at the store, it was more fat than meat. Not only is ButcherBox’s meat to fat ratio spot on, but it’s free of hormones, antibiotics and is heritage breed.

Our favorite was the Top Sirloin. My son, Nathan created the dish: sous vide @ 130F and then seared the sirloin. Topped with sauteed mushrooms with scallions, teriyaki sauce and a splash of balsamic.

The sous vide cooking technique guaranteed perfectly cooked, tender steak.

The sirloin had clean, intense savory beef flavor (sorry, it’s really hard to describe beefy flavor!), tender but still with a good chew, like any top sirloin should be.

CON: ButcherBox is a bit pricey. You pay for the quality of meat, and the convenience of shipping. This is a great program for families who don’t eat meat at every meal.

The all-beef box is $129 for 7-9 pounds of beef, which might include:

  • 2 – 1lb ground beef
  • 2 – 12oz tri-tip steak
  • 2 – 10oz rib eye steak
  • 1 – 16oz flank steak
  • 2 – 2.25lb chuck roast

That comes out to about $16 per pound. Shipping is included. You can also get mixed boxes – with a combination of chicken, pork and beef. There are 5 different types of boxes to choose from. The boxes with chicken/pork include 8-10 pounds of meat.

If you can’t reliably find quality, 100% grass fed beef in your area, Butcher Box may be the perfect food delivery service for you.

Oh, my son and I just came back from grocery shopping an hour ago – he requested that we defrost our last Butcher Box steak and have it with mushrooms again. We made a deal: he cooks, I do the dishes.

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