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Grow: Harvest Grow Bags Review

I will be upfront about this, Architec Housewares reached out to us with information about their Homegrown Gourmet product line. I was immediately interested as one of their first lines read “It’s the first of its kind to offer home growers all the tools they need to grow, serve and preserve their own homegrown produce.” Right down my alley. We …

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Grow: Aquaponincs, what to do when disaster strikes

Now I will admit I am a lazy gardener. If there is an easier, simpler way of growing my own food then I will try it. The ease of an Aquaponics garden is one of the things that appealed to me. Once an aquaponic garden is set and running, for the most part it is really simple gardening. Very little …

Glen with his inventions

Amazing Wok Invention

I’d like to say I’m venture capitalist. Or at least pretend to be one. I’ve backed just a total of 96 startup projects via Kickstarter and Indiegogo. If you count the additional six projects that I pledged funding to but didn’t succeed, that’s 105 companies that I’ve invested in. Although, I think I need to reclassify my activity as a “hobby” instead …


A beginner again

I grew up very typical Asian-American. Which means, all those funny “signs that you were raised by Asian immigrant parents” – ABSOLUTELY TRUE!! Okay, well not all of it, but certainly the mandatory piano lessons part. The lessons were fun, but the daily practice was excruciatingly painful. I hated practicing so much that Mom made me set the kitchen timer so …

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What I’m Listening to: Exercise Your Brain!

Ever since having babies, I have this “thing” that makes it really hard for me to read large blocks of text. I’ve never had it diagnosed nor have I even mentioned it to a professional. It’s either a mental condition or I’m just too lazy to get past 3 paragraphs. Either way, It’s not slowed me down one bit, I’ve just stuck to …

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Time to make some changes

Last night, I had a dream that I suffered from a concussion and couldn’t remember the past 24 hours. It was such a strange feeling, dreaming of “I wonder if this is real or if this is a dream” but then concluding that it was NOT a dream. Immediate dream-panic. At the moment of peak panic, I startled myself awake. Naturally, the first …


Aquaponics Sweet Potatoes Update

Harvest Time! We have been diligently watering our potatoes in a barrel daily, and patiently waiting till it was time to harvest. From what I gather you are supposed to wait till the leaves turn yellow and then harvest. Seems our plants want to keep on growing. They have overflown the barrel and are maintaining a vibrant green color. Unfortunately …


Exfoliate your chicken before cooking it!

Why you should ALWAYS exfoliate your chicken before cooking!  It gets rid of: bone fragments loose outer membrane that you don’t want to eat (yuck) small feathers dried blood Watch short video on how I exfoliate my chicken before cooking: Exfoliate Chicken Before Cooking Video