Giveaway: Apple iPad 2


Here we go again!

Steamy Kitchen’s third iPad giveaway! (congrats to Marilynn Conners for winning the last one) When I first bought my iPad, it was never more than 12-inches away from me. I looooved it. I watched Netflix movies, browsed my fav sites, went app crazy and filled 10 screens worth of games and fun apps.

iPad 2 giveaway sweepstakesThat is, until my kids discovered Angry Birds.

Now, it’s their iPad and I have to ask permission to play with it.

Well, now that Apple has announced the new iPad 2, it’s reason enough for me to get the new version for myself. All mine.

This Apple iPad Giveaway is sponsored by me, Steamy Kitchen. Because I love giving away stuff, especially shiny new gadgety toys!

And I want you to have your very own iPad too. Make sure you don’t let your kids pull a hostile takeover of it 😉


Enter the Apple iPad 2 Giveaway

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Bonus Entry: All my Facebook Fans get a bonus entry into this giveaway. Want an extra entry? Just clicky the likey button! (No need to comment on FB, just a one-time “Like” is good!)


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