Giveaway: Little Red Dot Chinese Pork Jerky

If you’ve never tried Chinese style jerky, here’s your chance! It’s sticky sweet, smoky and addictive. I’ve loved them as a kid! Little Red Dot sent me a package that I shared with my kids (their first time trying Chinese jerky) and they’ve been asking for more ever since. ~Jaden


Little Red Dot Kitchen makes these juicy Asian BBQ jerky, and they are a BIG hit in California! Unlike the conventional jerky that is dehydrated, these babies are grilled with actual charcoal, giving it a wonderful aroma of smokiness. Using proprietary marinades and spices from all over world, it offers just the right amount of sweetness, saltiness, texture and juiciness. They are delicious!

As firm believer in natural ingredients, their jerky is free of artificial flavoring, food coloring or preservatives. Because these jerky are made fresh on demand only, you have to pre-order them in advance.

Giving away 1 lb of BBQ Pork and Turkey jerky assortments.